Guest Post By: Veronica Finch

Students of this day and age have to be fully aware of the effects of globalization to them and to their studies. No longer can one confine him/herself in his/her own culture and language due to the fact that the interchange of ideologies, products and ideas have been sped up by the advent of technology. Thus, one has to be open-minded in embracing changes for it is inevitable and integral to personal and academic growth.

English Language to Students

Though the most used language in the world is Chinese Mandarin, English is widely known as the universal language. Being able to use the  latter fluidly in both spoken and written communication puts a student on a higher level than those who don't, be it inside or outside school premises. To put it bluntly, westerners have an advantage on the globalized society. On the other hand, foreign students should put more effort in familiarizing themselves with this form of communication for it holds the key to true learning.

Importance of The English Language

Academies of today are composed of people from different nationalities. The only way a student will be able to understand each and every one of his/her classmate is by using a medium that the majority prefers. This medium is more commonly known as the English language.

In addition to that, present education modules, books and instructional videos often utilize the English language. Essays, term papers and other forms of paper writing are also encouraged, or better yet required to be written in this medium. The more apt a student is with English, the better his/her chances of understanding certain bodies of knowledge and passing subjects and classes.

The presence of the English language could be felt at schools and universities today. Those who undermine this unsaid necessity are often left behind by those who don't.

The English language also helps a learner  become globally competitive once he/she graduates. The only way a fresh grad will be able to hook the eyes of a potential employer is by knowing his/her way around with this tongue. Be it a resume, a cover letter or an interview, the English language simply gives a person a unique edge in the job hunt.

However, the use of the English language doesn't stop with the job application. The rise of globalized companies is not news to anybody. An average employee must be able to stand his/her ground in communicating with people from all walks of life and races. In short, it mirrors the situation one has in school and so, the use of this subject being tackled at hand never truly runs out.

Being an English language communicator diminishes the chances of misunderstanding in day to day activities. One will be surprised at what reprieve from small difficulties in conversations and transactions in daily life could do in the long run.

Last but certainly not the least, being familiar with the English language gives one an air of confidence. The assurance of knowing that one's self will be able to use a form of communication that almost all people use should never be underestimated.

There's nothing wrong with embracing one's heritage and native tongue. However, a learner must always remember that change is inevitable and that the best way to cope with it is by having an open mind. Take pride in what is yours but do not dismiss the idea of learning and experiencing something that can be helpful, even if it's outside your comfort zone.

The English language is a something that all students should learn for it is an important ingredient in the formula of success.

Author's Bio:
Veronica Finch is a fresh graduate from New Orleans University who is currently working as a freelance writer for She also contributes to various web sites in the hopes of making a name for herself in the writing industry.