We live in a mechanized world where everything revolves around computers and the Internet. A majority of the people use the Internet for performing various tasks such as shopping, banking, booking tickets and buying/selling properties, etc. Students in particular rely on the Internet for learning online courses whereas employees use the Internet to find good jobs. Online recruitment sites are a blessing in disguise for employees as they can find their dream job at just the touch of a button.

Some of the advantages of using online recruitment sites include:
  • Cost-Effective:
Online recruitment is cost-effective as you can save a lot of money. If you are going to advertise in job boards, it will cost you a fortune. Instead, you can post the vacancies in online sites and get results right away. Most of the online sites do not charge a lot thereby you can save a lot of money in the process.

  • Faster Response:
The moment you post an advertisement in online sites, you will get results within a few minutes. Candidates will start sending resumes to your company and within a few hours you will be having more than a hundred resumes. As and when a candidate applies for the job, you can start with the interview process and finalize the right candidate within a few days.
  • High Success Rate:
Advertising online gives you a high success rate when compared with traditional recruitment methods. For example, if you advertise in newspapers, only a particular audience will be able to find out about the job vacancies. This is not the case with e-recruiting as thousands will find out about the vacancies and apply online within a few hours. Further, it will allow companies to find the right candidates for the job quickly and easily.
  • Bigger Audience:
Instead of choosing candidates from your hometown or country, you can recruit candidates from any part of the world. This is one of the major advantages of using an online recruitment site. A person from India can sit at home and work for a company in America online at ease!
  • Online Recruitment Saves Time:
Earlier, companies recruited candidates by advertising in papers and conducting job fairs. With the help of the Internet, these companies can now recruit people online and save a lot of time. Instead of traveling to various places, a recruiter can just sit at office and find the best candidates for the job.
  • E-Recruitment is Convenient:
Online recruitment is as easy as eating a pie as all you have to do is post the resume and wait for the result. Almost all the sites are user-friendly and you do not have to possess advanced skills to use the job sites. At just the touch of a button, you can post the resume and also receive information about recruiters in your email or telephone.

Most of the recruitment sites provide jobs based on location, educational qualification, work experience and skill sets. Online recruitment sites also help employers find the right person for the job within a short period of time. All they need to do is advertise on the site specifying all the details about the job vacancy. The online sites come with special software that filters out eligible candidates and provides matching jobs for the profile.

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With its diverse culture, scenic beauty, mesmerizing sights and a plethora of South Indian cuisines, Kerala is a perfect tourist destination for leisure holidaying. It is one of the most charming destinations where you can enjoy the diversity of nature, enriching history and a colorful culture.

Known as 'God's own country', Kerala is flanked by the mountainous Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. The state is blessed with unimaginable natural beauty and has excellent climate and an laid back Malayalee population. The beauty of backwaters in Kerala - 560 miles of emerald waterways that wind languidly past paddy fields and riverside villages – attract millions of tourists from across the world. This is a place where you can glide along in a traditional teak-and-palm-thatch houseboat, enjoy local life, and sleep under the stars. Nelliyampathy, Vythiri Tree House, Periyar Jungle Safari, Kumarakom Backwaters and Varkala Beach are the top places to visit in Kerala.  They offer the most magical experiences.

You can your tour to Kerala in the summer holidays. During this time, you can enjoy an additional treat: the colorful snake boat races. In the race, a team of up to 100 oarsmen participate for a long river race in canoe-style boats amid cheering crowds. The most exciting is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. A spectacle young traveler won’t easily forget it. This race is held in Alappuzha.

Since you are traveling in summer, walk on natural trek in Periyar National Park. You can spot plenty of animals in the jungles of the vast Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary such as endangered snakes, tigers and about 1,000 elephants. Plan to spend at least two days to explore the backwaters near Alappuzha. Don't fail to enjoy sailing in coveted houseboats on backwaters. See the paddy fields, coconut groves, and of course, long toasty slices of powder beaches that call out to the water and sun loving crowd.

Also, you should not forget to take a cycle tour through Kerala’s country roads; visit local villages and temples. Depending on the duration of your tour, you can visit historically enriched town, Kochi, the oldest European (Portuguese) settlement in India, and laze on the palm-fringed sands of Varkala and Kovalam. It is an amazing sight and gives a delightful experience.

Kerala has something for everyone. Its capital Thiruvananthapuram is located on South Kerala’s low hills to Varkala in the North with magnificent cliffs. Here, you can explore mountainous Ghats. This mountain range is covered with tea and spices like  pepper, cardamom, as well as is the home to exotic wildlife that roam free in the lap of nature. It makes you feel refresh, rejuvenated and relaxed. No doubt, exploring Kerala is as easy and rewarding as a glide through its backwaters. From coconut palm-lined coasts and rolling hills of tea to elephant and tiger reserves, this southern Indian state has a lot to offer.

Overall, Kerala can be one of the best destinations for you to visit with your family or friends during summer.  Find a popular tour operator company to book your tour package. There are many companies in India that offer customized tour packages to Kerala at affordable rates. Choose one online.

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Teenagers use technology extensively these days. Technological education begins very early in the present day education scenario which makes the use of technology inevitable for teenagers. By the time kids reach teens they need more and more technology. Education sector, today, relies so heavily on technology that teens are given assignments and home works that need to be done on computer. Social networking sites, blogging, instant messaging etc. have brought in a revolutionary change in the overall outlook of people.

Every house has at least one computer and before anyone realizes it, the teenager in the house takes over the home computer.

Technology of Music:
Mp3 players are available in all shapes and sizes these days. While getting a technological gadget for playing music, that too for a teenager, parents need to be extra cautious about the music service and the types of files in it. There is every chance of a teenager going astray because of the addiction to technology. One has to make sure that the music files are compatible with the type of music player one has.

Technology for Games:
There is a huge variety of gaming technology for a teen to choose from. Nintendo Wii, PlayStation  Xbox and a variety of handheld devices offer many choices. The decision of a game technology is a personal preference. The newer versions of game systems are generally compatible with their older counterparts. This means that a PlayStation 3 console can play a PlayStation 2 games but not vice versa.

One in four teens are “cell-mostly” internet users in the United States. Smart Phones have pushed ordinary cell phones and desktop computers to the background. Some statistics done in the U.S. says that 37% of all teens own smart phones. One in four teens has a tablet computer, which is a level comparable to the general adult population. Nine in ten teens have a computer or have access to one at home.

About three in four teens say they have access to the internet on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices at least occasionally. One in four teens are “cell-mostly” internet users – far more than the 15% of adults who are “cell-mostly.” Older girls are particularly likely to be cell-mostly internet users. 34% of teen girls of the age 14-17 say they go online using their cell phone when compared to 24% of teen boys of the age 14-17. Among older girls who are smart phone owners, 55% say they use the internet mostly from their phone.

Technology has pervaded all walks of life, people of all age groups and of all sections in the society. Teens are increasingly getting glued to the technological devices for all their needs. Constant parental supervision and intervention is necessary for keeping the teenagers’ use of technology in the right track.

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Social website management may seem like an easy task but in reality, it is a very taxing engagement. Different organizations, governments, individuals, businesses, institutions and militaries require social media and websites to use for various functions. The world has seen a shift of interactions and engagement to the internet and most of these happen on social media. Websites run by these entities are usually used to deliver their messages and advertise themselves. Social media on the other hand can be used to advertise, spread organizational information, attract clients, and evaluate customer feedback among other functions. Seamless integration of social media into an entity’s website enables better spread of the content that is put on the website to more people.

In the management of the website of an entity and its social media pages, the manager and his team needs to have several qualities or characteristics and competencies that are vital to be successful in his work. The first thing that should be taken into a lot of consideration is access to information about the organization. It is a bad show when the manager of a website or social media site has inadequate information about something that happens in the organization or about content that is posted on the website of the organization. Having inadequate information puts the manager in a bad position since they cannot regulate debates and the trends of conversations about the content as they will not have facts to convince those who may have negative opinions on the internet.

Additionally to having information, the manager has to be truthful in their statements so that they do not spread falsehoods that may work against the organization later. Company policy about the amount of information that is to be released and when it will be released need to be followed even on online platforms but the social media manager had better have the full information so that they can give informed opinions and be able to give feedback to the organization.

Website and social media management is about regulating the way discussions go, the content commented by social media users on the entity’s sites and ensuring that issues are quickly attended to. Where the internet is used to launch complaints and advertise, negative publicity can quickly spread on the internet and heavily damage the image of the organization. Quickly addressing issues that are raised by users raises the credibility of the organization and consumers feel that they are working with an organization that has respect and values them.

The manager of the social media and website needs to constantly monitor the comments made on the organization’s policies and products. They should also keep monitoring the websites and social media sites of competitors, more so if it is in business. This keeps the manager constantly informed on the new products by the competitor and matters that may be raised by competition. Such information is then passed to the decision makers in his own organization for consideration so that a course of action can be formulated.

Another important quality of a social media manager is being open-minded and ready to adopt new strategies that may come up. A manager should not be closed to divergent opinions and new methods that arise. Instead, they look for ways of integrating upcoming ideas and trends into their own working processes so that the organization is not seen to be old-fashioned or worse lose out on a profitable development. Careful assessment of new ideas has to be however done so that time is not wasted on fruitless undertakings.

Public relation and communication skills are necessary for the management teams of social media sites and websites of entities. When passing forth a message or opinion, it has to be done in a way that does not offend the customers or those who visit the websites and social media pages of the organization. You do not want an administrator of a social media website who uses bad or abusive language since they may tarnish the image of the organization. The organization is reflected on its social media presence and an utterance that does not auger well with users could lead to serious losses for the organization.

Being decisive in pursuing a course of action or social media management strategy, good networking skills and being industrious are also qualities that put social media managers in better position to achieve the goals of the organization in its use of online resource and online presence to achieve its goals.

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Thoughts become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become your character.

As older people often say our habits can define who we really are. Certainly they can. Although there are habits which accustomed from your parents' genes, there are still those which you can actually alter or create since you are a new human being yourself. So be very careful when it comes to discarding and adapting or creating some new habits.

Since your first few years here on earth is allotted to becoming a student, some of your work habits in the near future will be defined by your study habits today. The bad news though is that there are actually a couple of study habits which you acquire or create but aren't really helping you learn or concentrate. Below are a number of them. It's never too late to check yourself.

  • Reading with the Television Turned On (Plus Some Junk Foods on the Side):

Who in the world could ever focus on what s/he is reading and absorb every vital information while watching TV? Perhaps there are some very chosen few. But they probably either have superpowers or they are the ultimate nerds of the universe. You can never define focus (nor concentration) and "studying" with a TV in front with some chips on the side and an open textbook on your lap.

  • Relying on Memory Alone:

Although it's a good thing to memorize things and sharpen your memory through doing such, you can't always rely on solely that. Regardless if you're listening to a lecture or you're studying/reviewing your lessons, take into consideration that writing things down can help you remember them better.

  • Studying on Your Bed:

Bed means comfort and comfort usually means sleep. How can you actually focus on your studying without drifting off especially when you're as tired as hell? If you badly need to study or do some school stuff before going to sleep, avoid your bed for a while.

  • Compromising Sleep:

We all know that you really can't sleep a lot especially if you're a college student. However, as much as possible, never compromise sleep especially if you have the luxury of time for it. As much as possible, finish everything early. Don't take time for granted then cram all night afterwards. Compromising sleep is both bad for your habits and the health of your brain.

  • Research Means Google:

No. Research is not defined as looking things up on Google. Although it's kind of accepted in a sense, but it's not practically the whole of it, besides the fact that you shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet. So get up and do some real research -- libraries, interviews, and observations.

  • Not Listing Down Your Tasks and Homework's:

An organizer can be one of your best friends as you journey on through your student life. Don't claim that you could remember every task and goal by memory alone. Train yourself to write your responsibilities down so you could just check and accomplish them later without missing anything.

  • Multitasking: Studying while Surfing the Internet and Visiting Your Social Networking Accounts:

Multitasking is a good thing. However, it shouldn't be at the expense of your studies. We all know that more often than not, Facebook Twitter, and even Google and Youtube can really become distractions and be counterproductive to our goals. If you're reading or studying, then concentrate on that first. After which, you have the liberty and time to do everything you want.

  • Last Minute Reviews:

Although we are aware that sometimes we just can't avoid to do this, it doesn't make this a good study habit. As much as possible, do your best to study and review without practically cramming and pressuring your brain.

Your study habits wouldn't just define your academic standing. It can also define your future work ethics and habits as well. While it's not yet too late to bend and break some of your old and unhelpful ways, then bend and break them and create better ones.

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