Are you an online student, completing your studies via an online course? Then do read these strategies that can reduce your risk of failing.

After the rapid technological advancement, no one is unaware of the benefits of this progression. Technology has also left its mark in the domain of academia. We all are well aware of a myriad of benefits of online education that is the reason every year thousands of students enroll in online courses. However, the retention rate is not quite high as it should be. The reasons to this problem can be many which can be attributed to a number of factors, however, here in this article it shall be discussed that how can students prevent dropping out of these online courses.

So, if you have enrolled yourself in an online course recently, or you want to enroll in an online course, do read the following strategies that can help you to reduce the risk of failure;

1.Make Sure You Choose the Right Subject for You:-
First of all, if you want to ensure that you stick to the course right till the end, you must find the right course for you. Research all the courses and find the one that not only captures your interest, but also the one you really need. This combination will ensure that you try hard to pass the course, as it will be of your interest and you will actually need the course too. Furthermore, there are thousands of courses available, make sure the one you choose for yourself has the timings, the fee structure that meets your requirements.

2. Keep the Expectations Real:-
When you start the course, do not have unrealistic expectations from yourself. You can take the course at your own pace, but remember, as you might have a full time job, you cannot expect that you will complete the course smoothly in record time. You will have to make time so that you can study and complete the course. So, it is better that you are aware of the reality before you start having high expectations.

3. Find a Balance between Work and Study:-
Most of the time, people who hold a job and want their career to progress, take up online courses as they do not find time to attend regular classes, but when the burden becomes heavy, they quit thinking that it is not worth it. Remember, you need to find the right balance of work and study, so plan your courses around the fact that you have a full time job.

4. Keep Your Eye on the Finish Line:-
Most importantly, whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you started the course and how will it helps you in the end. If you want a promotion, then think about how your hard work will be rewarded in the end by a promotion, if you want to learn a new skill that can add to your resume, think about what you will learn and how it will add value to your resume as well as your personality. So, keep your eyes on the end goals so that you know, in the end it will be worth it.

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A lot of people might come and say they just hate their lives. When you ask them the reason for it, they simply say it is because of the routine they have to follow day in and day out. A lot of people would argue that routine makes one more mechanical and less human. This might be somewhat true, but if you keep a healthy routine, it makes you in fact a better individual who has the capacity to contribute in a much more effective way.

Whether we accept it or not, we are defined by routine in our daily lives. If we fail to follow our routine, we may not be able to better manage ourselves and thus effectively it can also hamper our requirements of the daily lives, for example, our job, our work and also our time management in other aspects of the life we live. This is why having a routine is not only important, but also there is no other option. People who are not defined by routines live a life which is completely messed up and not managed. They are always late at work and at most places; they stay disorganized and also cannot figure out a way to manage multiple roles that they have to perform as an individual living in a society. Today’s guest post blog is going to talk about how you’re routine, no matter the degree you hate it with, helps you stay fit and healthy.
  • Routine Helps Develop Good Habits -
Routine is like practicing to do the same task over and over again in the same period. What this does is that it makes you better at those tasks. So when you follow a routine of doing good habits like working out, running, eating healthy or sleeping early, it automatically helps you keep these good habits developed over a long period of time. When you follow a routine, these good habits will soon become the part of your system and will come naturally to you, rather than you trying to reinforce them onto your personality and existence.
  • Provides A Structure To Life -
When you follow a routine, you live a well-defined and structured life. You know what you have to do and what you do not have to do. Things you have to prioritize and things you have to let go. All this helps you keep a healthy balance between the different roles you perform as an individual.
  • Routine Helps You Stay Focused -
When you are focused, you automatically live a healthy active life. Routine shows you the way forward and things to look for the next day. This helps you build a strong focus in your life and keep driving yourselves.
  • Routine Helps You Find Calmness In Your Life -
When you have a strict healthy routine, your life is calm and composed, in comparison to someone who is always trying to run here and there without any focus and aim in life. This is how routine helps you stay healthy and fit in your life.

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Travelling is the kind of experience that everyone wants to feel and this is why it is such a common aspect of our lives. When you are travelling, you are not just going around countries for sightseeing and party, but you are also giving yourselves the exposure to new cultures, people and knowledge. This kind of exposure is not only irreplaceable and priceless, but also teaching you a lot of things in life. Travelling is something that most people adopt as part of their life and they usually travel once every year and twice if their financial situation supports them.

For people who travel or who are experienced travelers, there is no serious anxiety about the kind of adventure they will embark on or the things they will need while travelling. However, people who are not really experienced can find themselves in a bit of bother with the challenge of preparing to travel by ensuring everything goes smoothly and as planned. This also includes making sure you take and pick the right things and know what to pack when you are on your course to travel to a different country.

Today’s guest blog post is going to talk about the important things you must not forget to pack while embarking on a travelling journey.
  • The Right Clothes -
The major reason as to why it is so important to research on the demographics of the country you are visiting is to ensure you do not find yourselves in an awkward situation where you do not have the right clothes. For example, if it is cold and the temperatures are down, you will need to take clothes for winters, while if the temperatures are higher, you can take your beach clothes. Another important element of dressing is the cultural sense. If you are planning to attend a formal event, then you must know the culture and dressing of such events and make sure you pack the right dress.
  • Travel Documents -
Most people are found stranded at airports or sent back from the airports because they forget to carry their essential immigration documents. Making a checklist of the documents required and carrying a safe bag to keep them with you is absolutely important. Travel documents may include your visa, your passports, proof of accommodation and any other specific country requirements, for example vaccination proof, etc.
  • Currency -
Do not rely on your cards all the time, make sure you buy out the foreign currency enough to help you survive your transition and allow you to settle in. Cash always helps and you do not have to run around with your cards looking for ATM machines.
  • Maps -
If possible, grab a copy of the map before you leave the airport of that country, the map will help you find the nearest public transport, places to eat and possible attractions to visit that you might miss out otherwise. Most countries where the tourism is really high and busy, there are map stands where you get a free, easy to follow copy of the map on all the airports and train stations.

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Successful people are those who have accepted the circumstances, faced those heads on and worked their way out of the situations to achieve that success. Doing all these three actions means they have taken the ownership of their circumstances and then found a way to work around those. Taking the ownership of your circumstances and being accountable to them is called taking responsibility. The definition of being responsible resorts to the fact that you accept you are accountable to something or are in the duty of something and no one else but you can do it.

Responsibility in life is one of the core elements of success and growth. Individuals should start to develop the traits of responsibility possibly from an early age of school and college. The sooner an individual understands the importance of responsibility, the better they will be able to tackle situations in their lives and find success accordingly.  Responsibility and traits of being responsible come from a long hard work in life, experience and understanding that only you have the capacity to take action and maneuver your life towards certain results.
Today’s guest blog post is going to talk about the importance of responsibility in an average individual’s life;
  • Responsibility Brings Seriousness -
A lot of time you will also notice that when you are not facing enough responsibility of certain situations or circumstances or a duty towards anything, you will never be serious enough. When people do not have the fear of consequences and accountability, they start to take a casual attitude towards various aspects of their circumstances. This is why in order to install seriousness in your life, responsibility is something that plays a crucial role. Seriousness in life means you are determined and actionable towards achieving your goals and milestones.
  • Responsibility Brings Focus -
The next best thing you can have when you are trying to achieve your aspirations and aims in life is to have a deadly focus on them. No matter whatever the circumstances are, you should have a never-ending focus on your plans and be ready to face any challenge in trying to achieve them. This kind of passion and focus only comes when you take up the ownership and feel responsible about your actions. Focus helps you manage the challenges and achieve the kinds of things in life which you never ever imagined before. People who are successful have this kind of undisputed focus towards their aims and plans.
  • Responsibility Brings Actions -
When you have the focus and seriousness in your life, it brings actions from your end. Actions eventually bring results. This becomes a whole process or a chain towards achieving something. So in order to develop actions in your life, you have to take responsibility.
  • Responsibility Creates Opportunities -
When you are responsible, you are also mindful about lots of different things in your life. This means you have an eye to tap onto the existing opportunities by taking timely actions. These opportunities can work in your favor and bring you success that ordinary people cannot manage to have.
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With the latest technology, there is a promise of getting our water related issues resolved, faced by everyone on the face of the planet Earth.
·         The Hope Of An Abundance Of Water -
Due to smart technological innovations, the scarcity and daunting infrastructure of water can be taken care of. There are a lot of dedicated people who are responsible for coming up with new and smart solutions for most of the stubborn issues faced by us on this planet earth. These people are creating energy efficient treatment technologies and looking for ways to find the information and using it for better operations. IBM has recently been awarded with a gold medal for advancing environmental sustainability, within the organizations as well as with the clients, as it has greatly helped the cities to face the water challenges much more effectively as well as efficiently.

·         Which Companies Have Been Successful In Making A Mark?
IBM is a member affiliated with the Water Innovations Alliance, in short WIA, in addition to Intel, GE, American Water, etc. In order to develop a new funding, WIA is an industry association, which is focused, and has been able to increase the collaboration and has raised an alertness for the water technologies that are cutting edge. With the expansion and operation of smooth water systems just like the ones used for the distribution of electricity, WIA promotes an effective usage of water and also reduces the energy consumption due to the wastage of water. These water systems have the potential to replace the system currently used as it includes monitoring and sensing, and also identify and address the water problems. Such a system would also be successful in giving a huge boost to the economy, by giving more than 100 billion dollars of savings and reducing the operating costs.

·         Why Is Research Significant?
Apart from all the efforts, at the industry or foundation level, there is still a lack of work. However, the governments along with the universities have played a major role as they are working on a wide range of water initiatives that are not just new, but cutting edge as well. Many large municipal organizations as well as the US Bureau of Reclamation are operating on a number of innovative approaches for the treatment of water. At the level of university, new agricultural water technologies are being worked upon, out of which, an air-jection system is a new equipment that injects air into the drip lines. It has yield an improvement of 10 to 30 percent produce, especially in vegetables. Not just research, but the universities are also supplementing new companies that deal with the water technology.

·         Water Innovation and Its Future -
All the stakeholders along with the whole community of government, academia, should join hands together to work and implement the new technologies. It should, however, be necessary that the regulatory requirements must be met by the technologies, along with minimizing the usage of energy in order to be utilized in an environmentally cost-effective way. Which means that the new technologies must be commercialized? For this, the basic research and the demonstration projects with the help of industrial, municipal and agricultural users will be necessary.

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Lifetime Penalty for Cheating, Family Debt and Frightening Gaokao
"We are learning, till we are alive. And we will learn until we die" - it’s not a figure of speech, but the slogan of a Chinese senior high school student. In a country with a population of 1.5 billion people, higher education is one of the few, if not the only social elevator for those who want something more than a daily bowl of rice. However, it is necessary to pay such a high price, which only the most outstanding children in the world can probably do.

Annually 5 million places are allocated for new first-year students, but this is not enough for a huge country like China. The competition for some universities can be up to 200 people for a place. And not only high school graduates of the current year aspire to enroll universities. Traditionally students who failed an examination continue to try again and again, proving that perseverance is also included in the number of Chinese virtues. Sometimes applicants-veterans really capture the imagination: a few years ago the whole Chinese press wrote about 81-year-old Wang Xia, who got lucky only with the anniversary tenth time.

No time to Breathe -
A typical daily routine of the Chinese student is monstrous, and in terms of sanitary standards, and just towards children.The rise is no later than five in the morning and after that self-learning exercises start immediately.From eight in the morning until four in the afternoon students have lessons, and then from four to nine in the evening they go to extra classes.Finally, at nine in the evening, you can dine ... and continue to study, until fatigue and sleepiness will fall you down completely.

Theoretically, there are two days off, but to use both of them is a bad tone. Such "sloppiness" will not be understood neither by teachers nor parents. Sunday morning - that's the allowed maximum for the rest for the decent student, but if you fill it with useful educational businesses, it will cause an unconditional approval of family and neighbors.

Chinese wisdom says: as long as you are taking a breath, you have been pushed back a few steps back.

Rest -
Summer vacations are often no more than ten days, and then a part of them usually is dedicated to the necessary self-preparation. A typical picture in shopping centers with good air conditioning in summer: hundreds of people, who are not interested in shopping, read books and make notes in halls.As a rule, they are high school students who are preparing to the main examination of their lives - Gaokao.

The Main Two Hours of Life -
Gaokao is the Chinese entrance exams.Every year in early June for three days all graduates of the country are experiencing not only their erudition and intellect but also psychological and physical endurance. Gaokao includes compulsory subjects (Chinese Language, literature, and mathematics), each of which takes two hours and elective subjects: foreign languages and so-called complex science. Here the timing of the test is reduced for half an hour. If a student runs out of time, the test is considered to be failed. If the student allows himself to talk during the test, which for obvious reasons is extremely rare, the result will be also canceled. But for cheating you will face a lifetime ban for National Higher Education Entrance Examination. It is clear that under such conditions the question of cribs is not even worth to talk about.

The Main Thing is The Result!
Enormous amounts of information that need to be processed, in addition to the obvious benefits of mastering the subject, lead to a tough prioritization, often at the expense of quality. Western teachers who work with Chinese students told that a terrible workload in most cases does not allow students to concentrate, think and analyze what they have learned and read.

"If I ask their opinion about a book, I often see only confusion in their eyes, - wrote in her blog American teacher RenĂ© Forseth WilliamsBut everything changes if I clarify that it will be a test by this book. Some say so - if it is not for the test, I'm not interested in it. " In fact, only the subject that needs verification will be memorized. On the one hand, it allows you to really fully to master the program. Alternatively, it eliminates the creativity, for which students simply did not have enough time or strength.

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