Most of us have experienced the impeccable meal service on airlines. The quality of food is really top class being delicious and safe. Now those who travel by train also wish the food on trains be at least a fraction of good as much as that on flights.

The airlines hire the service of only the best vendors so their food is of top quality. The menu of rail food is boring, tasteless and insipid. Some prefer not to eat than consume the food offered on railways. This is especially the case with pantry car catering on long distance trains.

Food stalls on railway stations offer slightly better tasting food, but there are two problems. One is that the `conditions on stations might be unhygienic with contaminated water and the scourge of flies and insects. The vendors at stations use unwanted waste material to prepare meals so as to cut down cost and hoodwink customers. The second is that train may not stop as stations for sufficient time to purchase food items.

The question befuddling everyone is why IRCTC and Indian Railways are unable to provide quality food to passengers. Why can’t it function efficiently like airplane food? Why is it impossible for the largest rail network in the world (Indian Railways) to feed its passengers? Compare this to airlines where food is charged exorbitantly, but still has many takers as food is delicious and of high quality. The bottom-line is that if the food is good, it will sell.

Now, there is good news. Recently the private companies have found a means to improve food availability on trains. Several private operators, like, provide food delivery on seat by taking online and phone orders. These operators have tied up with over 200 restaurants with local restaurants of stations across India.

On seat delivery of food is made available at no extra cost. For placing g orders, one must access the site or ring up the helpline number available at the site. You must furnish details like train number, coach, berth number, etc. The passenger can choose from an amazing variety of food choice   to be served by various vendors of the site. The site currently serves 2000 trains plying daily in India.

The food is packed well ensuring it reaches you with no spillage or damage. The food arrives hot and fresh and tastes good. If the train is exceedingly late, the order gets cancelled automatically. Hence, it is a no trouble- no fuss way of eating during a long distance journey. The food gets delivered to your seat and you have the option of cash on delivery provided you keep change ready to pay.

Thus, the good news is that airline like service of catering has arrived on Indian Railways. Even for moderate price, the ordinary passenger can have access to good food like good lunch on train. The good news is that PNR status enquiry service of is also linked to IRCTC. You can track the Passenger Name Record number (PNR indicating bookings status) just like tracking your meal order with

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Would it be nice if you try to reinvent your living room and put some home theater system that might look really good. But, with lots of home theater system that are available in the market. It will be a bit hard to choose on what to buy since you think all the display in market are best.

If you are a music or film lover it is then expected that you will settle for what you think will be the best product. It might be hard if you alone will choose. It will be better to try to look and read for some helpful tips online or might as well ask a friends. Since it's a bit hard to pretend to know a lot when it comes to electronic equipment.

You can also take some time and read some helpful tips just before you go to your favorite mall.

Keep the following tips in mind first;

1. Think of the Budget - This is the first thing that every buyer should keep in mind first. Think of it that when buying a new home theater you are investing on it since it's does not come in cheap price. You might spend hundreds or thousands for the whole system but yet it's will not last. It is better that you have to buy a brand in which you can be sure that it's reliable and that mit pays off the amount that you paid for it.

2. Quality over Appearance - Home theater does come in variety of to attract buyer but at some point appearance tend to be deceiving at all. Therefore you have to make sure that you get the best of both quality and appearance the most. In this way you can be sure that you choose something worthy.

3. Choose  What You Think Fits Your Lifestyle - One of the important thing to consider just before you buy that dream home theater of your. Try to consider the most your room/place and how knowledgeable you are with the equipment you are about to buy. If you are not that techie and you like to buy a home theater for entertainment purpose only just choose something that comes in lower price but loaded h high quality specs.

4. Always Bring a Friend - You might not trust your judgment along the way. Might as well bring a friend who might be expert when it comes to everything about electronics. Surely, they will be honest enough to give you the right home theater system that suits your lifestyle and fits on your budget.

There might still be a lot of things to keep in mind before you purchase something. But, at the end of the day what matters the most is when you purchase it you are the happiest person on earth. At some point you do not have to make things complicated in terms of choosing but you don't have to be too impulsive at all. It is better to weigh things properly and make sure that whatever you choose will make you satisfied.

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Every year thousands of new 2 wheelers enter the streets of Bangalore. However, this increase in two wheelers has also led to an increase in the road mishaps occurring in the city. Given this scenario, it is mandatory for 2 wheeler owners to get motorcycle insurance. Investing in two wheeler insurance in Bangalore or any other part of the country requires you to analyze several factors. But it is totally worth the time and effort. After all, securing your vehicle with motor cycle insurance is guaranteed to bail you out in the unfortunate event of any mishap.

When you plan to buy a two wheeler, the need to buy reliable motor cycle insurance is never far. In fact, many of the dealers offer the insurance as a complimentary service during the initial year. This motorcycle insurance is even more important if you are settled in metro cities like Bangalore. After all, the two wheeler insurance in Bangalore is an excellent way to secure your vehicle and reduce the risk factor associated with street mishaps. However, buying two wheeler insurance in Bangalore is not an overnight decision. Ideally, it is a well planned investment that enhances the security of your vehicle.

What Does it Cover?
The motor cycle insurance is a comprehensive policy. The core purpose of this policy is to secure your vehicle against damage from different sources like natural calamities, accidents and even acts of terrorism.

How Does it Cover?
The processing of purchasing a motorcycle insurance is simple once you know what you want and where can you get the required deliverable  Once you are secured under the policy, you have to pay the premium at regular intervals in order to avail the benefits in the event of any emergency.

How Much Coverage Value?
Basis the value of your vehicle and its current condition, the insurance adviser will suggest an ideal value of the policy that you should purchase. Your regular premium is decided on the basis of the value of the cover that you opt for.

Before You Buy:
Buying insurance for two wheelers is not an overnight decision. Before you step out to buy, you have to put in the hard work to scrutinize different options. Start by doing an internet research on the different types of policies available. Compare the premium that you are liable to pay and the deliverable that are assured. This comparison will help you get a fair idea about the policy that best suits your requirements. In fact, wherever possible insist on checking the garage network of the insurance firm. After all, these details will give you a better idea about the type of services that you can expect. Additionally, always insist on a comprehensive cover that includes both third party insurance as well as individual damage.

Read The Fine Print:
An insurance policy has many terms and conditions. The motor insurance document is no different. As an applicant, you must read every word of the fine print very carefully. This will help you avoid any unexpected surprises in the future. Also, do a background check on the company and its customer service before you finalize your purchase of the policy for your vehicle.

Renew On Time:
Merely purchasing insurance for your vehicle is not sufficient. You have to remember to send in your premiums on time as well as renew the policy whenever applicable in order to enjoy the benefits even in the long run.

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The North Indian Cuisine which is influenced by the Indian chefs who migrated from the North of India especially Punjabi style restaurants, influences lots of Indian restaurants around the globe.
They created a fusion of the two great cuisines which are;

  • The local, and
  • The Home
Exotic North Indian Dishes

These two fusions were able to purchase Indian Cuisine by embracing cream sauces in their Indian recipes. Dairy products are used in such a high proportion thus distinguishing the North Indian cuisine from the rest, these include; Milk, Paneer, Ghee (Clarified butter), and Yoghurt (Yoghourt, Yogurt) A Gravies But beside the above common dairy products, there are other common ingredients like; § Chilies, § Saffron, and § Nuts. Also flours of different kind are used to make different kind of breads such as; v Chapattis, v Rotis, v Phulkas, v Puris, and v Naan.

The North Indian Menu: Let's start by the Appetizers;
1. Appetizers:

  • Samosa — these are triangular pastries prepared with vegetables, flavoured with exotic herbs, which go or served with yogurt or mint chutney and spices.
  • Pakora — these are spiced onion slices and built with a chick pea flour batter coat, they are then deep fried to form a golden brown piece that is served with a yogurt or mint chutney.
  • Lamb Kebab — these are Lamb chops that are sprinkled with garlic extract or ginger, mildly seasoned, marinated and cooked over charcoal, they go together with yogurt or mint chutney.
  • Chicken or Paneer Tikka — these are some Succulent boneless pieces of chicken breast or paneer, marinated in spices and yogurt, prepared in the tandoori oven until tender, after that they are either served with yogurt or mint chutney.
  • Seek Kebab — this is a Minced lamb, marinated with ginger or garlic and skewered, exotic spices and prepared in the tandoori oven, after that they are also served with either yogurt or mint chutney.

2. Vegetarian Entrees:

  • Vegetable Jalfrezi — This is a tossed in butter seasonal vegetables and mildly seasoned with cumin seed, cayenne pepper and turmeric.
  • Paneer Kofta — This are homemade koftas prepared in creamy cheese ground nuts, vegetables, which are mixed with raisins and nuts, then they go in a creamy sauce.
  • Palak Paneer — This is a specialty from the North India. It contains cottage cheese that are homemade, they are deep-fried and prepared in fresh pureed spinach that is mildly spiced.
  • Dum Aloo — This consists of small potatoes that are exotically flavoured using fresh herbs and fresh ground spices, then they are sautéed and prepared in a sauce of yogurt garnished with chopped coriander leaves.
  • Dal Makhani — These are lentils prepared on a moderate fire using butter until they are tender, there after they are mildly spiced and remarked using fresh herbs.

3. Meat Dishes:

  • A Lamb Roganjosh — This is not complicated in any way! It's just some lamb curry from Kashmir richly prepared, which by using exotic spices, they are delicately flavoured.
  • A Chicken Tikka — Here, tandoori oven is used to prepare Succulent pieces of exotic spices marinated chicken, then it is finished using tomato, butter sauce and cream.
  • A Lamb Vamdaloo — this is a well prepared lamb dish that is supposed to be authentic spicy, hot, sharp and tangy.
  • A Korma — This is the most popular dish to keep guests well entertained. It's a northern delicacy and it is prepared using lots of cream, yogurt, coconut and rose-water. It is then garnished using almonds, raisins, and fried onions.
  • A Tandoori chicken — this is just a full chicken baked in the clay oven.

4. Side Dishes of North India: o La Cena Esta Servida, o Plain Basmati rice, o Basmati rice fried, o Peas Pilau served together with fresh peas, o Vegetable pilau served with mixed vegetables, o Tandoori breads goes along with Plain naan, Garlic naan, and Roti, o Cheese and Onion Kulcha Alu Paratha made delicious by potato and herb Paratha, o Lacchader which is "Flaky" Side Condiments and Raitas prepared using moderate Tomato and onion, o "kachumber" known as Kachumbari in Kenya, is "Cucumber salad and yogurt raita".

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Fashion entails the current trends in various aspects in clothing and looks of a person. The looks are inclusive of hair styles, jewellery, and body art and make up. Fashion differs with age and also with social class. How we dress is defined by our lifestyles and social classes. Fashion and lifestyle are related in that lifestyle influences the consumers when making a decision in fashion.

One dresses according to their lifestyles as it also influences how much they spend when purchasing the trends. Some lifestyles do not allow one to keep up with the fashion trends that are continuously changing. When making decisions the consumers have to consider the fashion that suits their lifestyle. For instance people who party a lot tend to purchase lots of party clothes that are trendy and unique so that when they attend the parties they appear up to trend. At times fashion does not only entail clothing but also music, language and dancing. People who live in some lifestyles have to be trendy and be updated on various current issues.

They have to accessories the clothing accordingly, they should also ensure that they do not appear overdressed. Celebrities and musicians are usually viewed by most young people and teens as fashion icons. This is because most tend to dress as their fashion icon dresses. The celebrities in order to keep up with this trend therefore dress up in the current fashion trends. They greatly influence what is on fashion in terms of looks or clothing. Different music influences how the artists and their fans dress. For instance, rock musicians and fans mostly dress up in gothic and they have lots of body piercings and body arts that give an identity of rock music that is different from hip hop dressing code.

One's personality also greatly influences what people choose to wear. Sanguine tend to be very trendy and always keep up with the latest fashion. They dress in bright colors and fancy. This is largely influenced by their lifestyles that most of them tend to be party loving thus the fashion they choose should suit their lifestyle. Fashion tends to differ with age; young people tend to be more fashionable when compared to the older people who are mostly conservative.

This is because the older people spend more time working and taking care of their families and hardly have time for checking or choosing which clothing or styles are current. The young people have more time at their disposal and peer influence as plays a great role in choosing different styles and clothing.

Fashion is universal and everyone has their own taste and preference that is largely influenced by their personality. Fashion and lifestyle thus directly relate to each other as one influence the other directly. Their relationship is mutual as before one makes a decision on which fashion trend to go for their lifestyle act as the determinant factor.

Designers, makeup artists and other personalities involved in the fashion industry when coming up with various fashion trends should take note of the population they are targeting especially their lifestyles, age and income.

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