We generally hear students; working professionals and other individuals pursue MBA for a bright career, to have a successful career. Is MBA the sure shot route to achieve success? How is pursuing MBA for individuals of varied areas, related to rise in career? It is mainly due to ignorance, lack of knowledge. Some individuals have the thought that having a MBA degree is the tool to have a sudden rise in career.
Top MBA Colleges

Unfortunately, it is not so. MBA, as it is generally perceived is not meant for all. It is only suitable for individuals, students that have a bend for leadership, administrative and management positions. Most of the students that pursue MBA do not have good understanding of the program, efforts, and expectation and job opportunities. Like any other degree program, the results, opportunities are not the same for all.

MBA if pursued from a recognized institution with high scores, industry experience, and internship can lead to one of the best employment opportunities; pave the path for a successful corporate career. Individuals that pursue MBA from the top management institutes such as IIMs, FMS, XLRI to name a few, are the fortunate ones to have training, coaching to be thought leaders, decision makers for organizations, corporations.

To pursue MBA from any of the elite management institutes is a discipline. It is not only classroom lectures; every activity that students undertake around the campus is part of the program for grooming, confidence building, communication, analytical knowledge and other areas of development. The classroom lectures, dramatics, extempore, presentations and many other activities that students are engaged in to builds attributes such as team work, leadership all of which are needed for real work situations.

How about students passing out from tier 2 or other unrecognised MBA institutes? What are the career prospects for such individuals? It can be a bright future for them as well. Students from such institutes, if they have a bend for management, and if this is combined with a combination of classroom lectures and industry experience, intern ship can have good career prospects as well. But it is important, that the theory is relevant to the needs of the corporate environment and is revised from time to time. Any curriculum that is not revised to keep the needs of the industry is not much of practical importance.

For some individuals, a student to obtain a MBA degree is only a way to get in to a management career. For such individuals it is only a formality, they have the aptitude for management positions and the real grooming, training happens on the job. The situations, scenarios in a real work environment which may be related to resource, delivery, inventory, quality or any other aspect is what business managers, leaders are expected to handle. The training, capability to handle, deal real life problems cannot be learned in a classroom or formal setting, and can be learned only in a live environment.

MBA undoubtedly can pave the path for a bright, successful career for the right individual having the right attitude. It can open up the best employment opportunities from top corporations, organizations across the world, and such individuals can also be entrepreneurs, create jobs, and own an enterprise. This can be one of the best combinations for a bright career, having a formal MBA degree and the inborn capability to be an administrator, decision maker. ISB&M is one of the top management institutes having centre at few places across the country for a top-notch management program. The institute is well recognized for its curriculum, faculty and placement.

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ISB&M's Placement Cell makes every possible effort to ensure that all students pass out with good job offer. ISB&M's training courses are highly accepted and acknowledged by industry for Management/executive level employment.
The completion of student life is in a way start of working life. The freedom, liberty that most feel comes with the start of working, earning money. Is it really true? It is true to some extent, but also demands perseverance, accountability, responsibility, poise, etiquettes, and all that is needed in a work environment. It is a mix of both; the right attitude is needed to make the most of a working life. 

How to crack the job that is best suited for anyone?

With rising competition in the job market, having a job right after completion of education is the best way to start a working life. That would be ideal if everyone could have a job from campus placement, even before finishing education. But unfortunately it does not happen for all. The reasons are few. Campus placement is the activity to recruit students from college, educational institutes for employment is not organized at all educational institutions.

How to Crack Campus Placement Interview

It is mainly a characteristic of professional institutions such as engineering colleges, art and design institutions, management institutes and other fields that offer professional training, guidance and grooming. Even if the campus placement criterion is available at an educational institute, it does not guarantee employment, placement for all. Only the best, crème-de-la-crème of the lot is selected and employment offered before leaving college.

Employers, organizations that visit educational institutes for recruiting students have a stringent selection process. It is a multiple stage process; students need to score well have a certain minimum score to be eligible for selection. Employers are on the lookout of candidates that have in-depth understanding of the subject, have analytical problem solving skills to be able to deal with complex real life problems.

The preliminary rounds for a campus placement process are usually written that test for numerical ability, logical ability, comprehension, and other aptitude. Candidates need to have a minimum score to be able to qualify for the next round. The next round tests something more, the speaking skill, confidence of the candidate is tested in an extempore speech, debate, which could be anything about sport, current affairs, business news, political discussion etc. Students need to have god practice of public speaking, body language, confidence and good knowledge of the subject to score well in the round. This comes from months and months of practice, perseverance to be able to qualify the round.

The third, which is usually the final round for selection is personal interview. Candidates who qualify the preliminary rounds of selection are interviewed by a panel for a personal interview. It can be jittery, give stomach butterflies to the most composed, sorted individual. From the moment, the candidate enters the interview room to sitting posture to body language to hand gestures each and everything counts towards the chances of selection.

More than that, prospective employers are looking for candidates, individuals that have thorough understanding of subject areas; have interest, inclination for innovation; have analytical thinking, have interest in other areas as well such as art, sport, food and have some kind of recognition, standing in any such area. The scores, performance throughout school years and for college education do not count much; it is the performance in the placement criterion and mainly in the personal interview that makes up for selection or rejection.

To be able to crack a placement interview is only the beginning. To sustain a work environment that is diplomatic, professional demands norms, standards to be followed for work and in the behavior towards co-workers and other personnel is a continuous effort.

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Dhole Patil Education Society (DPES)
Dhole Patil Education Society (DPES) was founded by Young and Dynamic Mr Sagar U. Dhole Patil in the year 2008 with a clear objective of providing quality technical education in tune with international standards and contemporary global requirements. The product of his vision, Dhole Patil College of Engineering (DPCOE) has captured all the forefronts of education including academics, sports and social activity, within a short span.
Indian railways have been the symbol of growth and development in this country since the time of colonialism. Travelling in a train is sheer joy which everyone values in this country for lifetime.  The revolution bought by technology in this field has further enhanced the prospects of making sure that boarding trains and making reservation is just like a piece of cake.

Indian railway
Indian Railway Logo
Small feed rail routes have been developed which connects smaller towns and cities and currently covers nearly 28 across the length and breadth of the country.

Travelling by train in India has evolved a lot over the period of time with comfort, convenience and rail connectivity improving significantly. Every year, TravelKhana a leading food delivery service provider in train has been doing their best by introducing new utilities at their online portal Travelkhana.com and upgrades existing technology that will make the travelling experience all the more relaxing and joyful for the railway passengers.

Currently TravelKhana Offering These Utilities/Services for Indian Railway –
1. Food in Train
2. Check PNR status
3. PNR status on Mobile
4. Track Train
5. Indian Railways Reservation
6. Indian Railways Time Table

At the other hand IRCTC  technology has brought fore to the people or travellers - where the IRCTC train schedule has made booking of tickets much more faster and easier for the people though the online site- www.irctc.co.in. The ministry of railways also helps people by publishing the Indian railway time table every year which includes the change in timings as well as the addition of new trains. This IRCTC time table is available at stations and online as well where you can download it easily. The IRCTC train schedule provides detailed information about various train timings and gets update about any sort of changes in train routes or timings. Find out more about the details of express and super fast express trains and major stoppages that come along the way.

The Indian Railway Time Table is structured to find Details of Trains using either of the Following:
Station names
Train name
Train number or the route map for minor stations

indian railway time table
Indian Railway Time Table
TravelKhana in gives detailed train timings information about the tourism initiatives of the railway ministry luxury trains, hill trains, pass facility, circular tickets, and special facilities for foreigners and menu for meals.

The Indian railway timetable also includes detailed maps giving the rail routes with broad, meter and narrow gauge tracks clearly marked. The rules regarding refunds, cancellations, booking under the TATKAL scheme, passenger amenities and passenger fares are also detailed in the booklet.

All the details in the railway timetable are available in an updated form on the extremely user friendly website www.travelkhana.com/travelkhana/indian-railways-time-table. The IRCTC website allows booking of railway tickets through the Internet around the clock except for a one-hour maintenance window. Can book tickets any day there is no restriction on this. The IRCTC website has a frequently asked questions section, which clarifies commonly encountered doubts for the benefit of travelers.

Are you planning to churn out a risk response plan with a comprehensive insurance policy? Here are a few important points that would help you understand why choosing a liability insurance cover is so beneficial. Take a look and live our life to the fullest by buying a 360 degree cover for your finances.

general liability insurance quote
Liability insurance might sound a little new to many investors. In fact, people are still in two minds about whether they need it or not. The answer is always in positive. A general liability insuarnce is a comprehensive financial cover for every car or two-wheeler owner. On and off road, there are thousands of  potential risks that could make your personal finances upside down. In order to pay third party damage or compensate third loss due to death or bodily injuries, this plan is of great help.

Here's You find All About Liability Insurance-

Key Highlights-
  • Support Round The Clock: To safeguard your finances during emergencies, you need a dedicated support team that helps claim benefits on time. This insurance plan helps reap benefits at the right time and all you need to do is to talk the experts and find a solution provider that helps an insured at anytime.
  • Helps Save Time: With the advent and rising popularity of digital platforms, every buyer now saves time by doing a research online, comparing plans and paying the premiums on time online. It simply saves time and cuts the lengthy process short.
  • Own A Policy Instant: The time gap between buying a cover and the time for a valid coverage starts at a time if one buys a plan online. Moreover, a buyer can always own a policy within a wink this way.
A comprehensive business liability insurance offers two types of covers. One is for meeting third party liability and the second one is for the owner-driver personal cover.

This plan covers losses both in terms of death and damage to property of a third party that involves a vehicle insured. Any bodily injury or third party injury, death or damage to third party vehicles- every small risk is covered with a  plan for liability management.

There is another cover available to owners or drivers of a vehicle that is covered with a general liability insurance. It offers a mandatory cover of INR 2 Lakhs for the owner-driver in case the vehicle is privately owned. In case of a business vehicle, the cover of INR 1 Lakh that covers death due to accidents or any permanent disability.

Any claim that arises out of any contractual liability is not covered under this plan. Death or bodily injuries due to or in course of employment, is not cover under this plan either. Any person who dies or sustain injuries while dealing in nuclear weapons can't claim any benefit from this plan.

The Bottom Line-
In order to get the best liability insurance policy, all you need to do is to compare general liability insurance quotes and choose one that best suits your pocket. Moreover, there are many brands that offer this type of insurance these days. This is why you get a plan of this type at competitive rates. And there's another side to the coin- due to the skyrocketed competitions the coverage has become more comprehensive, cost-effective and on time.

Do a research online today and stay covered all the time. With a liability cover plan, you can now simply drive your life with complete peace of mind.

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Sahil Doshi is a finance writer and has been writing on topics related to Insurance, that help buyers to choose better policy for them. He offers original case studies, stats and solutions through his writings. In this article he focuses on benefits of a liability insurance policy. For details visit: www.hdfcergo.com/commercial-insurance/CGL.html.

IIT JEE Preparation can be difficult, considering the vast syllabus and tricky problems. It consumes approximately one’s entire day to prepare for this highly competitive exam. Despite giving so much, some aspirants fail to perform as per their expectation in the test. What could be the reason?

The real reason could be either lack of sleep, poor time management practice, poorly drafted study plan or any other reason. While you prepare day and night for this exam, it is very important to pay attention to certain don’ts while studying for JEE.

Here We List Down Certain Points That Every Engineering Aspirant Must Avoid While Preparing For IIT JEE 2015-

Don’t Stay Up at Night:
At least 8 hours of sleep is necessary to stay fit, fresh and focused. An appropriate amount of sleep helps your mind function properly and grasp anything that you learn during the entire day. Research shows that a fresh and active candidate covers entire syllabus as compared to sleep deprived aspirants.

Don’t be Over Ambitious:
Generally during the initial days of the JEE Preparation, most students create a study plan for 10-12 hours of the day. Before you create a study plan, don’t forget to be practical i.e. think about how many hours you’ll actually study. Make plans you will seriously follow and not one that go into dustbin after a few days of trail.

Don’t Just Cram:
This is what most candidates do while preparing for Joint Entrance Examination. Ideally, this is not the best practice. Since when we just mug up, the chances of forgetting things increase. Make short summary notes, formula sheets and tables to remember important points better. Short notes are always a good studying tool especially a few days before the exam.

Don’t be Unstructured:
Before you start preparation, always make a JEE study plan. Planned things always fetch traceable and desired results. The more disorganized you are, the more confused you’ll get while preparing. Hence, make a plan and follow it religiously to complete your syllabus on time.

Don’t Get Lost in World of Books:
It is very important when it comes to planning and preparing for JEE. Always remember, there is also a world outside JEE. Try to take study break and freshen up your mind. When you go for a movie or hangout with friends, do not ever discuss about studies or books.

Don’t Panic:
Generally, candidates panic a few days before the exam and ruin their days. Stop panicking. You have studied all that you could and what was in your capacity. There is no point in getting worried during the exam. Stay calm and revise as much as you can for better result.

Nobody can actually tell you what to study and how to study. You are the best person to decide that. But the above points could help streamline your exam preparation and score well in IIT JEE 2015 test.

All the best!

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Rohan is an evangelist at Plancess, he works closely with the team of in-house IITians. His interaction with numerous JEE aspirants gives him a good understanding of the challenges faced by them. He contributes to the JEE Tips & IITian Life sections, on the JEE Mag, to bring you study strategies, JEE tips and motivational stories of IITians!