We all know everyone may have challenges and problems in their life. But the way they solve such situations are not the same. Some peoples are brave and clever. They solve their problems with a smile. But some peoples are weak and sensitive. They always ran away from their problems. Some peoples handle such situations very well. But some people have a hard time accepting and dealing with such challenges. Most of us get afraid off such challenges and run away from problems because we don’t want to accept the reality of life. Running away from the problems is the worst thing you can do to deal with the challenges you are faced with. Here are some tips to tackle the challenges in your life.

The first thing is, when you have any problems, or when you become imprisoned with your past, you can't move forward. So if you want to overcome the challenges in your life think forward and stop being attached to the past. And the second thing is to understand the goals of your life.  If you are doing the same thing every day, you will get same result. You can’t achieve anything new in your life. So think differently and work hard for achieving it. The best way to avoid problem is by avoiding worst relationships. A good relation will keep you in a positive atmosphere. And some weak relation will make you hang out in your problems. So make good relationships. So, better you have to avoid bad relationship that will harm your health and happiness. And try to accept your present situation. Don’t run away from problems. You have to accept the reality in your life. Escaping from a problem is not good thing. Try to live in your present and accept the reality. If so, you will become calm and pleasant.

Don’t make a habit of blaming others in your problems. Face it and take an effective solution. If you focus on yourself, you will learn to love yourself. And you will improve yourself. So, be more elegant, confident, graceful and desirable.

Learning is essential for leading a happy life. It involves acquiring new information and skills in order to make progress. We have to work for the progress of society; learning enhances our ability to think clearly regarding the main issues we all must face. The ability to take a stand for what you are, what's your goal is more important. The capacity to discover our core beliefs or sentiment makes possible our survival.

Passion and love are the essential things that we need in our life. It will make our purposeful and we will become more dedicated to our life. Passion is our love in motion and it will make our life successful.

Make your life meaningful and make it successful. And ask yourself “Are you living a happy and inspired life?”. If no, try to be.

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While using a smartphone, you can unravel the mysteries of the whole world.

Learn how you can benefit from it from the educational point of view;

Technology has brought about a lot of changes in our life, for the good. Without having the facilities that we currently take for granted, we would still be living a really fast life and would have to do almost everything manually. Now by the advent of smartphones, everything is as easy as making a few clicks and getting the thing done. Studying too has got a paradigm shift in this respect; we can now do a lot more when we don’t know the answers to a complex mathematical problem than what we could do, say 10 years back. After getting so much homework each day and having to take classes for over 5 hours in a day, it becomes completely hard for us to continue and we can take all the help that we can get.

Smartphone’s provide us with a lot of options of dealing with homework assignments and everything else that we might be in need of. Let’s then take a look at some of the ways we can catch up with the pace of a lecture when we missed the last one or find some assignment help online if we are in need of some:
  • Tutorials:

If you have got a complex assignment or project due in the coming days, of which you know nothing about, then too you don’t need to fear anything if you have an internet connection and a smartphone at your disposal. All you have to do is connect to a Wi-Fi connection and look for a tutorial website online. Not only can you learn a completely different programming language, you can also see some sample projects online to know how things are done. If you are having problems with a mathematical numerical, then too, you can just see a tutorial on how the certain family of numerical problems is solved and be done with it.
  • Video Lectures:

If you have missed a lecture because of whatever reason you might have, you can’t give a lame excuse these days. You can’t tell the teacher the next day that you can’t appear in the test because you didn’t make it to the class yesterday; because if you do, then you are going to be given a big lecture on how you could have consulted a video online and got a good understanding of the concepts that you missed grasping because you were absent.
  • Online Courses:

This is not something for the ordinary but if you are somebody who loves to study, then you can join online courses that are normally free along with your daily school courses. This always helps in expanding your expertise which is a necessity these days.
  • Informative Websites:

There are all sorts of websites that you can refer to if you are in need of some information for your research work or any assignment. This is once again something that most of us know, but just copying from the website isn’t the way to do it. Try to write in your own words.

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If you are a busy professional, you might have to remind you a number of things throughout the week and if you can’t keep the record of your everyday routine, you might have to face a lot of troubles. However, if you use some highly effective productivity tools, you can become a real professional.

Here in this post, we will get you seven hottest business tools which can be extremely useful in making your everyday business life much easier;

With the help of eSign Services, you will be able to get your business at a faster track by keeping the track of every document that you sign and send. You don’t have to worry about filling, faxing and printing as everything can be done digitally. Due to online security issues, Abode Cloud can be the best option for you to get your documents signed and sent. In this way, you can work in a hassle free business environment.

Do you get irritated when you have to use pin number, dial-in-number or timetable for traditional conferences? Well, if you do, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because now you can use UberConference which has been developed to facilitate better business meetings. Some of the most popular features of this tool are:

·         Easy to use feature-rich interface
·         Web conferences from computer in HD Audio
·         No pins are required to make calls
·         Free call recording
·         Select your favorite custom hold music
·         Click and share your screen with others

This is your personal assistant which you can download and use in your tablet or smartphone device. It will help you perform variety of tasks, remind you of important events and answer questions. It can do the following things for you.

·         It can remember your most favorite services, places and preferences and then suggest you accordingly.
·         You just need to speak with it in your natural tone rather than using some kind of complicated commands to make it work.
·         Your perusal assistant knows various languages including English, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.

If you are running a retail store, you would love to get GoPayment app as it can allow you to get your sales with your mobile credit card. No matter wherever you are, you can easily take payments though secured processing. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and android devices and some of its popular features are:

·         Accept all type of credit card transactions and record them securely.
·         Help you manage all your business transactions through quick sync.
·         You can also customize recipes and put your logo on it.

Expensify can help you manage overall expenses of your employees though a simple app that can be installed in your BlackBerry, Windows, Android, iPad or iPhone Devices. You can easily keep the record of expense, time and distance.

Expense -
Simply by clicking on expense button, you can include new expenses in your report. Along with the details, receipts can also be attached.

Time -
You will also see a time button which will enable you to include expenses specifically related to time. In this way you can create expenses by hours.

Distance -
Another option is distance which will enable you to have mileage expenses. In this section, you can give details of travelled mileage.

Are you trying to maintain your things-to-do list in a well organized but simple manner? If Yes, CLEAR is the best option for you. Because it will help you stay organized with your routine activities. The app is quite easy to use and you don’t have to worry about complex options because it is clear like its name. Some of its features are:

·         Simple design will enable you to focus on to-do-list.
·         Available for all popular devices including iPad, iPhone and Mac.
·         You can organize different activities of your life in separate lists.
·         You can set reminders to do things well in time.

If you want to get quick access to all your appointments, these android and apple apps can be perfect for you as these will allow you to quickly manage appointments whenever and wherever you want. Some of its highly appreciable features are:

·         Easy to use interface.
·         Quick access to meeting scheduler.
·         Options to change or cancel appointments.
·         Filter appointment by location or staff.
·         Scheduling multiple appointments.

Final Words

These seven productivity tools can be highly effective in organizing professional lifestyle because the user can save lots of time which is usually wasted due to mismanagement and disorganization.  There are various other similar tools and apps which are easily available to use for all popular smartphones and tablets.

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It was just a matter of a few years when we saw the rise of social media connectivity platforms, the likes of Orkut and Myspace, where millions of people registered and became regular users were on a rise. We, to the fact, also saw so many celebrities joining the rise of social media forums by joining and contributing to the websites like MySpace and Soundclick.com. Over the years, fast forward to now, in just six years the whole dynamics of social media have changed for good. It has now become a medium, a completely separate and independent internet entity of its own. The social media forums like Facebook, which started through just a small website of a few pages, are now multi-billion dollar brands and companies with a whole mechanism of their own.

The way the social media world is growing, we will continue to see such revolutionary and impactful avenues coming up. It will very soon become one of the biggest forums for advertising and connectivity if it is not already now. The changes will not only force the existing forums to adapt and innovate in order to survive like Facebook is doing, but we will also see the integration of multiple forums into one to kill off the competition like the merger of Facebook, Instagram and very recently WhatsApp.

Today’s Guest Post Blog Will Talk About Four Trends In Social Media To Watch Out For During The Year 2015;
  • Content Becomes More Social -

In 2015, we will see the rise of content marketing even more. This means that unique and original content will play a strong role in determining the success and rank of social media and internet campaigns. Not only that, companies will also have to focus on content which tickles the users to interact with it rather than just having a look at it and taking no action. The rise in emotional appeal with the content will force them to also become loyal and stand up for the message they can relate to and have a strong support for.
  • Content Becomes More Video and Picture Based -

No more plain text is going to be the rule. If you have to stay in the minds of the users, then picture and video is the way to go. More video based content means that video advertising and production related to the digital content will also increase by a notch.
  • Real Time Social Media -

This means that people who are managing social media networks have to be vigilant all the time. There is no way out for them, they have to stay alert to competition, new strategies, and changes in trends and also consumer behavior all the time. Similarly, they have to make sure their strategies and responses on social media are vigilant and active enough.
  • More Mobile Marketing -

The shift from computer to mobile is increasing at an alarming rate. This means people now access their internet and social media accounts much more through their phones rather than computers. This requires a shift in thinking as well, much money will be spent on targeting mobile specific or mobile integrated social media campaigns.

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The concept of flexi staffing is catching up in India quite fast even though most of us don’t exactly know the full meaning of this term. More often than not, this term is used as an umbrella term to define complex employment scenarios.

The fact that India is one of the top five nations with flexi staffing base and the fact that we already have 1.3 million flexi employees in India right now, means that companies need to understand the full potential of this type of employment.

What is Flexi Staffing?

Flexi staffing originated as a direct consequence of rising costs of labor and the associated costs like medical benefits, insurance, and workers’ compensation. As a staffing arrangement, one can associate flexi staffing in multiple situations.

·         Temporary Workers - Workers provided by a staffing agency for a limited period of time for a short term project or a finite project. This is usually less than a year, and the work is directed by the company.

·         Leased Employees - Workforce(part/full) leased by a staffing firm to a company on an almost permanent basis. In this situation, the work is directed by the company, and employees are on the payroll of the staffing firm.

·         Contract Workers - These workers are hired by a company that contracts out the services of the workers to a client company. They usually work for one client at a time and work at the client’s workplace.

Apart from the aforementioned categories, there are others like independent contractors who may be self employed but work for the company. They are more like freelancers who may or may not work at the client’s workspace. Other categories include directly hired temporary staff, and on-call employees.

Why is Flexi staffing picking up in India?

As companies try to grapple with seasonal and structural changes in the labor market, many organizations are trying to adapt themselves with innovative solutions. The success of the Flexi staffing model is validated by a study conducted by Indian Staffing Federation. It stated that 60% of the companies who engaged employees in the flexible staffing model wriggle out of downturns faster.

In India, the flexi staffing model is preferred by the employees for the reason that the pay package is on par with the permanent employees and have the same perks. However, one has to say that there is still apprehension among Indian job seekers as their mindset clings to an older value that believes in security of a permanent job.

The notion of permanency is fast losing its ground among the younger employees and not so surprisingly, the percentage of flexi staff in India under the age of 30 yrs is more than 80%. Moreover, major layoffs in large companies are drivers for employees to consider the option of flexi employment. The phenomenon of flexi staffing is seen more in the IT sector where employees prefer to work on projects to enhance their skills.

In a recent survey conducted in India, it was found that sectors like IT, Retail, Telecom, Pharma, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Agro-based sectors are preferring flexible employees. It was also found that most of the employees are fresh graduates, and first time job seekers.

With more and more companies preferring flexi employees, it was found that they prefer these employees coming from staffing firms, which takes care of certain legalities. The Indian Staffing Federation is consistently working with Govt. of India to ensure the interests of all the stakeholders.

The role of staffing agencies in providing solutions to Flexi staffing for both companies and employees is vital. This is the reason for the emergence of many staffing firms. Some of them are adopting innovative means to reach out to both prospective employees and companies. One such innovation is to go mobile. The advent of Smartphone’s has revolutionized the entire country, and with mobile applications like IT staffing apps and staffing apps have made the process of finding jobs, sending resumes, and scheduling interviews very easy.

Changes in the industry and technologies have created some opportunities and downturns, but the industry has bounced back with newer innovations. Flexi staffing is there to stay and might be the perfect answer to many employment issues.

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Giridhar is a professional writer who loves to pen down his views on a number of topics that interests a reader. He writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep his readers well informed.