Kodagu, or ‘Coorg’, is one of the most beautiful places in India. The hill station is a very common choice for honeymoon destinations. Spend your holidays in the alluring atmosphere of this pristine hill station and pay a visit to all the points of interest within the hill station.

Coorg, also widely known as ‘Kodagu’ is a pristine hill station in the state of Karnataka. It is one of the most sought after destination in south India owing to its beautiful scenery and landscape. The quaint small villages in the villages of Coorg and the unadulterated view of its landscapes are some of the major tourist attractions to the hill station. If you are planning a visit to this hill station, book one of the Coorg tour packages and travel with ease exploring some of the top tourist attractions in this place.

Listed below are some of the places of must visits in Coorg;

  • Madikeri Fort -

One of the top tourist attraction of the hill station, the Madikeri fort, under its huge complex, houses a temple (the Ganesha temple), a museum, a district prison and a chapel as well. The fort was initially built using mud and stones however after the arrival of the great emperor Tipu Sultan, the walls of mud were changed by him to concrete which makes the fort the grand and majestic monument that it is today. If not for King Tipu Sultan, we would be heading up to this place to see the ruins and what remains of the fort.

  • Abbey Falls -

Head about 8 km from the Madikeri Fort and you will be greeted with the breathtaking view of the Abbey falls. Unlike other waterfalls in other parts of India, water does not dry up here during the summers also thus ensuring a full flowing waterfall all throughout the year. There is always an abundance of birds chirping away in all their glory just around the peripherals of the waterfall. Keep in mind that bathing is not allowed in this waterfall.

  • Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary -

One of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in the state of Kerala, the Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary. The name of this wildlife sanctuary is derived from the river that flows through the park. Nagarhole in Kannada means ‘snake river’. Of the normal animal species one can expect to see in this wildlife sanctuary, some are the mongoose, peacock, barking deer, wild boar etc. If lucky, you can spot some tigers or pandas.

  • Mallalli Falls -

With the view of the of the whole river Kumaradhara right in front of your eyes gushing through the hills, rocks, and valleys, the Mallalli falls is one place you cannot miss seeing on your trip to Coorg. It is simply a magical natural affair you have the witness to be blown away.
Internet has bridged the information communication gap in this technological age with websites that provide better connectivity. People get easy access to all the vital information and data they need by using the internet. However, there are other websites which connect people with people (rather than connecting people with data). These websites are called social media sites and are hugely popular for its ability to connect people from different parts of the world.

With the smartphone boom under way, social media websites have come up with apps that make the experience a real treat on smartphones.

Here are the 5 best social apps you must download for your Android smartphone;

1. Facebook -
Undoubtedly the most used social networking site, Facebook has over 1.55 billion active users. The Facebook app for smartphones is one of the most downloaded apps of all-time in the Google Play Store. Over the years, Facebook app has become more sophisticated with added features and newer looks. The incorporation of messenger, groups and pages have increased downloads of this social media app. There are also eCommerce players who use their coupons (like amazon india coupons) to drive traffic through Facebook. You can get the app for FREE from Google Play. Try it now!

2. Instagram -
They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that is what Instagram has set its base on. The social media application is about sharing stories and messages using pictures, videos and minimal text. The scrolling of feeds is extremely easy on a smartphone and you’ll definitely love it. One of the popular apps for Android phones, the Instagram app has over a billion downloads from the Google Play Store.

3. Twitter -
A good alternative to Facebook, this social media tweeting site is all about information and personal views written in a crisp form. Every user has a 160-character limit (including user handles) to express their views on the social channel.This restriction makes the usage of Twitter interesting and fun. A popular social media channel, Twitter is used by a lot of recharge sites to promote exclusive offers. An example of this is paytm coupons that are unveiled on Twitter and reach a maximum user base, enabling them to perform recharges with the benefit of good discounts.

4. Google+ -
Though not a very popular social media site among people, Google+ is a great place for storing personal images and editing them with ease. There is unlimited storage option available in Google+ for all your photos and some added advantages give another reason to use it. Like Twitter, Google+ also has e-commerce players pitching their products and offering freebies like online mobile recharge to woo users and add them to their base.

5. Vine -
A wonderful application that again sets a restriction on the user, Vine is slowly becoming popular worldwide. Vine is all about 6 second videos that play in a loop. The Vine app has a lot of great stuff in it and it is interesting to watch the short videos. The application which has over 50 million downloads can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.
Salwar suits are usually preferred widely by women in India as they look good and are super comfortable they have a bottom, top and a big scarf.

When it comes to fashion, winter is the season where your outerwear shows your style quotient. It isn't true that you cannot flaunt in this season, perhaps a chic layering of clothing will definitely do wonders. The classic outerwear popular since the 50’s, which looks trendy and comforts is the trench coat. In time there has been reinventions giving the outerwear, panache touch. It is believed that trench coat is worn over western wear, but thanks to our ace designers who have matched the look of trench coat with ethnic wear. The runway models have sported trench coat with saree, salwar suits.

Find out the top ten ways to style your trench coat with ethnic outfit;

1. Classic Belted Style:
This is the classic style with belt around the waistline. Versatile actress Sridevi had done this look in English Vinglish. You can wear at your workplace with saree or straight cut salwar suit. Beige color is the conventional choice for trench coat, but you can choose bright shades such as maroon, blue, black. Bring professional yet interesting look with elegant embroidery work, lace work. With polyester salwar suit wear prefer ankle length trench coat.

2. Bilayer Style:
Bring an exciting look to your dressing style by wearing a bilayer trench coat. You can pick bilayer style with fur or of contrasting shade. If you are wearing Pakistani style suits with ankle length pant, choose knee length trench coat to flaunt your pants. Cashmere wool, corduroy with double-breasted closure type and paisley pattern. Buy Online polyester Salwar Suits and team with this style for classy look.

3. Printed Style:
Break the customary look by embracing printed outwear. From funky prints, to vintage prints you can style up according to your tastes. Wear printed coat only if your dress is of solid colors.

4. Sleeveless Style:
Show off your net sleeves of your dress with sleeveless style. You can wear this with your full sleeves salwar suit or blouse. This style will give a casual and trendy look.

5. Ruffled Style:
In this style the trench coat has A line cut, giving a girly look. Apple or straight shape body women can pick this style. Match this look with tussar silk salwar suit for wedding functions or parties.

6. Short Length Style:
Trench Coats of short length are perfect with a flared embellished anarkali suit. You would keep yourself warm as well flaunt your smart styling.

7. Designer Style:
An ideal choice for functions, you can bring liveliness to your outer layer with an embroidery work on the bustline or the sleeves. To get a glossy effect prefer satin trench coat with metallic embroidery.

8. Turn Down Collar Style:
This is ideal for sarees, salwar suits, showing the beautiful neckline. Prefer this if you have heavy work on the upper bodice of your outfit. You can check for online silk salwar suits with resham and zari work on the bustline and match this style trenchcoat.

9. Lapel Style:
The broad lapel with belt trench coat is great choice with leggings and kurti. Asymmetric lapel with pearls, crystals adorned on the coat will give classy look.

10. Puffed Sleeves:
Give a feminine look to your outfit with puff sleeves lapel style trench coat. This style will match with your designer anarkali suit. It will give a vintage touch to the dress.

You would have got an idea on the different styles of trench coat. Grab one of them from online stores and bring elan to your outfit.
Are you an online student, completing your studies via an online course? Then do read these strategies that can reduce your risk of failing.

After the rapid technological advancement, no one is unaware of the benefits of this progression. Technology has also left its mark in the domain of academia. We all are well aware of a myriad of benefits of online education that is the reason every year thousands of students enroll in online courses. However, the retention rate is not quite high as it should be. The reasons to this problem can be many which can be attributed to a number of factors, however, here in this article it shall be discussed that how can students prevent dropping out of these online courses.

So, if you have enrolled yourself in an online course recently, or you want to enroll in an online course, do read the following strategies that can help you to reduce the risk of failure;

1.Make Sure You Choose the Right Subject for You:-
First of all, if you want to ensure that you stick to the course right till the end, you must find the right course for you. Research all the courses and find the one that not only captures your interest, but also the one you really need. This combination will ensure that you try hard to pass the course, as it will be of your interest and you will actually need the course too. Furthermore, there are thousands of courses available, make sure the one you choose for yourself has the timings, the fee structure that meets your requirements.

2. Keep the Expectations Real:-
When you start the course, do not have unrealistic expectations from yourself. You can take the course at your own pace, but remember, as you might have a full time job, you cannot expect that you will complete the course smoothly in record time. You will have to make time so that you can study and complete the course. So, it is better that you are aware of the reality before you start having high expectations.

3. Find a Balance between Work and Study:-
Most of the time, people who hold a job and want their career to progress, take up online courses as they do not find time to attend regular classes, but when the burden becomes heavy, they quit thinking that it is not worth it. Remember, you need to find the right balance of work and study, so plan your courses around the fact that you have a full time job.

4. Keep Your Eye on the Finish Line:-
Most importantly, whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you started the course and how will it helps you in the end. If you want a promotion, then think about how your hard work will be rewarded in the end by a promotion, if you want to learn a new skill that can add to your resume, think about what you will learn and how it will add value to your resume as well as your personality. So, keep your eyes on the end goals so that you know, in the end it will be worth it.

Author Bio:
Known for her sharp wit, Melody Wilsonis a famous blogger and article writer. She has a Master’s degree from a prominent institution and is working to get a PhD. She is a professional academic content writer and is currently working with Aoneassignments.com, a reputable online academic writing service. Students who want assistance can contact her through the official company website.
A lot of people might come and say they just hate their lives. When you ask them the reason for it, they simply say it is because of the routine they have to follow day in and day out. A lot of people would argue that routine makes one more mechanical and less human. This might be somewhat true, but if you keep a healthy routine, it makes you in fact a better individual who has the capacity to contribute in a much more effective way.

Whether we accept it or not, we are defined by routine in our daily lives. If we fail to follow our routine, we may not be able to better manage ourselves and thus effectively it can also hamper our requirements of the daily lives, for example, our job, our work and also our time management in other aspects of the life we live. This is why having a routine is not only important, but also there is no other option. People who are not defined by routines live a life which is completely messed up and not managed. They are always late at work and at most places; they stay disorganized and also cannot figure out a way to manage multiple roles that they have to perform as an individual living in a society. Today’s guest post blog is going to talk about how you’re routine, no matter the degree you hate it with, helps you stay fit and healthy.
  • Routine Helps Develop Good Habits -
Routine is like practicing to do the same task over and over again in the same period. What this does is that it makes you better at those tasks. So when you follow a routine of doing good habits like working out, running, eating healthy or sleeping early, it automatically helps you keep these good habits developed over a long period of time. When you follow a routine, these good habits will soon become the part of your system and will come naturally to you, rather than you trying to reinforce them onto your personality and existence.
  • Provides A Structure To Life -
When you follow a routine, you live a well-defined and structured life. You know what you have to do and what you do not have to do. Things you have to prioritize and things you have to let go. All this helps you keep a healthy balance between the different roles you perform as an individual.
  • Routine Helps You Stay Focused -
When you are focused, you automatically live a healthy active life. Routine shows you the way forward and things to look for the next day. This helps you build a strong focus in your life and keep driving yourselves.
  • Routine Helps You Find Calmness In Your Life -
When you have a strict healthy routine, your life is calm and composed, in comparison to someone who is always trying to run here and there without any focus and aim in life. This is how routine helps you stay healthy and fit in your life.

Author Bio -
Jackson Paul is the author of this blog post. Jackson is a fitness trainer and also has his own blog for his clients and fans on the website custom essay writing service, where his blogs are keenly and passionately followed. You can follow him at social networks like Facebook, Twitter and G+ for more articles about health and fitness.
Travelling is the kind of experience that everyone wants to feel and this is why it is such a common aspect of our lives. When you are travelling, you are not just going around countries for sightseeing and party, but you are also giving yourselves the exposure to new cultures, people and knowledge. This kind of exposure is not only irreplaceable and priceless, but also teaching you a lot of things in life. Travelling is something that most people adopt as part of their life and they usually travel once every year and twice if their financial situation supports them.

For people who travel or who are experienced travelers, there is no serious anxiety about the kind of adventure they will embark on or the things they will need while travelling. However, people who are not really experienced can find themselves in a bit of bother with the challenge of preparing to travel by ensuring everything goes smoothly and as planned. This also includes making sure you take and pick the right things and know what to pack when you are on your course to travel to a different country.

Today’s guest blog post is going to talk about the important things you must not forget to pack while embarking on a travelling journey.
  • The Right Clothes -
The major reason as to why it is so important to research on the demographics of the country you are visiting is to ensure you do not find yourselves in an awkward situation where you do not have the right clothes. For example, if it is cold and the temperatures are down, you will need to take clothes for winters, while if the temperatures are higher, you can take your beach clothes. Another important element of dressing is the cultural sense. If you are planning to attend a formal event, then you must know the culture and dressing of such events and make sure you pack the right dress.
  • Travel Documents -
Most people are found stranded at airports or sent back from the airports because they forget to carry their essential immigration documents. Making a checklist of the documents required and carrying a safe bag to keep them with you is absolutely important. Travel documents may include your visa, your passports, proof of accommodation and any other specific country requirements, for example vaccination proof, etc.
  • Currency -
Do not rely on your cards all the time, make sure you buy out the foreign currency enough to help you survive your transition and allow you to settle in. Cash always helps and you do not have to run around with your cards looking for ATM machines.
  • Maps -
If possible, grab a copy of the map before you leave the airport of that country, the map will help you find the nearest public transport, places to eat and possible attractions to visit that you might miss out otherwise. Most countries where the tourism is really high and busy, there are map stands where you get a free, easy to follow copy of the map on all the airports and train stations.

About Author -
Monica Mark is the author of this blog post. Monica works for a travelling agency as a tour guide and she also posts blogs on the website cheap essay to advice people who are interested in travelling. You can follow her at Facebook, Twitter and G+.