Obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is one of the most amazing achievements that one can accomplish. It takes hard work and dedication to complete a Ph.D. Research conducted by the American census department concluded that just over 1.5% of the population in America have successfully obtained a Ph.D.; everyone who wishes to get to this level will become part of a select few.

In this segment, we will focus on people who are working towards a Ph.D. in Science. Studying towards a Ph.D. will greatly enhance your career and allow you to experience opportunities that you wouldn’t normally expect.

Sometimes you change your mind completely and want to stray off into a different path – one that isn’t in your field of expertise.

Check out our list of non-academic careers that a Ph.D. holder can consider:

  • Analyzing Market Research -
This is a position that can exist in several different industries, but they are primarily centered on the modern, technologically enhanced world. This could mean that you can find jobs in IT and electronic companies. This is because the technological world is constantly changing and they need their market research to be interpreted correctly in order to progress forward.

This position has said to have an increase in job growth, by over 20%, stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As a Market research analyst, you will be responsible for advising your company on potential business steps for progression. As a Ph.D. holder, you should be able to analyze and collate large amounts of data. This is one of the best alternative career paths for a Ph.D. student.

  • Business Developer -
A business developer is responsible for your company’s marketing, product management, and exploiting new markets.

Business Development was in the top 100 careers in the world, concluded by a recent career survey by CNN Money.

Taking up a career in business development is common with Ph.D. holders. It is like this because a person who holds a Ph.D. has an immense wealth of knowledge and skills. They will be able to come up with a strategic and straightforward plan to help the business excel, and for that reason, most Ph.D. holders should consider this path.

  • Business Consultant -
Another business-oriented career path. As a Ph.D. holder, you may not have pictured yourself as a man in the business field – but it is very common to find such cases. A report by Bloomberg stated that business management consultant has a total value of just under $40 billion.

As a business consultant, you will help other people build their own businesses. You will have to advise start-ups and share your analytics thinking skills. A career in this field will most involve close relationships with other workmates. This is because one person alone can never manage to deal with thousands of people.

Venturing into Business Consulting will expose you to a whole wealth of business opportunities: executive management, entrepreneurship, and even leading to a CEO position.

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Many people today feel that going to a university for a degree is too mainstream and costly. And with millions of people unable to afford going to a prestigious university, we are then forced to find more alternatives to get an education.

There are plenty of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – these are online course that can be taken in order to understand a topic, and help you start off your career. It will also help you sample different subjects and help you find the perfect career path to take. Some online schools even provide certificates – enabling you to show others of your qualifications; it tells bosses and friends that you show dedication, initiative, and that you aren’t afraid of taking risks.

Although, it isn’t certain that your bosses would acknowledge certificates from free courses. But, getting a certification goes miles in improving your self-esteem and it also exposes you to a new way of thinking.

We have compiled a list of the best places to take a MOOC, these places offer diversity and reliability. You can find all sorts of subjects, some that interest you and some that might not.

Some of these sites offer free courses that have been tailor made by Ivy League Professors;

  • Edx -
Edx is a useful and simple website that offers an immense range of courses, from engineering to computer science and business to arts. All their course are free and enroll dates are stated, although some courses are self-paced. At the end of your course, you are offered the chance to pay for a “verified certificate,” which is signed by your course instructor.

Once you begin a course, you will have the responsibility to complete all tasks, assignments, and quizzes. If not, you will be failed. The courses have been made my some of the most qualified professors at high-end Universities. Edx allows you to learn and switch course with ease – this will help if you are unsure of which course to take.

  • Khan Academy -
Khan Academy is one of the most famous organizations out there, having been funded by Bill Gates himself. They have a very friendly and simple user interface which is easy to use and fast to learn. Their teaching videos are quick and easy to understand. The main aim of the site is to aid both learners and instructors to develop their craft – it could be starting from scratch or just a refresher. Khan Academy offers a wide range of subjects, including art, humanities, and science.

  • University of Derby -
The University of Derby offers free online courses for the international community. The courses are designed to attract students to enroll in a full-time diploma or degree program. The courses offered range from Business to IT. It isn’t a very wide range, but it’s still a good choice if you are unsure on which course to take.

Udemy is also another popular site to receive an online education. They offer courses at no cost to the student and have a good archive of videos tutorials in several different subject areas. Some of their course comes at a fee, while others are free. Udemy, unlike Coursera, dives into a much deeper range of subjects – ranging from photography to creative writing. The site also has a few tutorials that are done by famous celebrities who are successful – they give their advice and guidance on how you can excel your career. But, Udemy does not affiliate itself with Universities but prepare their own courses although you may find some courses that have been adapted from University courses.

  • Coursera -
Coursera is the most popular of the lot. They offer all sorts of online courses, from physics to computer science. You are able to watch videos anytime – making it convenient for everyone, as learning from around the world could be tricky due to time differences. Like almost all online courses, you will be marked exactly as you would a traditional university setup. Coursera also provides students with certificates that can be used as sort of a proof that you have taken and achieved a passing grade in a particular course. Coursera isn’t very old, but it has a number of Universities that have got together with them to produce some outstanding courses. Keep in mind that most of the Universities are in the top 100 best ranked in the world.

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With a skyline dominated by high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, Dubai’s array of luxury hotels offers their guests a chance to witness the Arabian Sea, the city’s multiple tourist attractions, and the glittering night sky from a dizzy height.

In this article, we are going to take a look at three amazing resorts and hotels that call Dubai their home, what amenities they have to offer guests, and what spectacular views guests can indulge in throughout their stay:

  • Terrace Club Suite – Atlantis, The Palm -
With the option of a one or two bedroom Dubai hotel suite, relaxation takes on a whole new dimension in one of the Atlantis, The Palm’s Terrace Club Suites. From the suite’s large and furnished terrace balcony guests will witness panoramic views like they have never seen anywhere else before. Guests can opt to have breakfast as the sun rises while seated at the dining table in complete privacy, or indulge in sundowners at sunset while relaxing on the sun lounges provided, either way, the views of the resort below and the Arabian Sea’s glistening waters will undoubtedly take every guest’s breath away. What’s more, guests can enjoy a beautifully furnished lounge – kitted out with an indoor dining room table and desk – meaning they have the option work and dine inside with their friends and family while taking in the view.
  • Jumeirah Sea-View of Skyline Suites – Four Seasons Resort, Jumeirah Beach -
Would you prefer a room with the view of the Arabian Sea? Or, a room of Dubai’s impressive city skyline? Guests have the choice if they choose to stay at the Four Seasons Resort. The resort’s sea-view suites offer an impressive layout – including a formal foyer, spacious living and dining area, and master bedroom with an ensuite bath. The suite also includes two separate balconies, each offering spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf’s vast waters. The resort’s Skyline Suite offers the exact opposite, instead showcasing Dubai’s high-rise, sky-scraper-filled city skyline in all of its glory from the suite’s two furnished balconies kitted out with comfortable lounge suites where guests can sit back, relax, and soak up the views of the impressive skyline – including views of the Burj Khalifa.
  • Armani Fountain Suite – Armani Hotel -
Views from the tallest building in the world – The Burj Khalifa – are undoubtedly going to be amazing, and travellers have the option to stay in the many hotel rooms and suites the incredible hotel has to offer. One of the most amazing views can be seen from the Armani Fountain Suite, and – as the name of the suite suggests – the suite has views of the entertaining Dubai Fountain. These suites can be found on every floor of the hotel, meaning that – depending on how high you are willing to go – your view will only get better the further up you stay. Each beautiful room includes big bay windows, meaning that there is nothing that could disrupt your beautiful view. There are not balconies, unfortunately, but guests can fall asleep and wake up to the stunning view from the comfort of their bed.

Spoil yourself and your family by booking a couple of nights at a hotel or resort mentioned above and indulge in the beautiful views they have to offer.

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Ibtisaam is a self-diagnosed wanderlust with a healthy obsession for travelling the globe. You can find her ticking off her bucket list of places to go when she is not on the lookout for the comfiest hotel suites from Dubai all the way to Buenos Aires.

A computer, as we know, betters man when it comes to performing monotonous tasks, but there are certain jobs which even the computer cannot do.

The computer does all kinds of work today. From storing heaps of data in national databases to handling weather forecasts, we find computers in every sphere of life. Indeed, the computer has been man’s greatest friend throughout the years, but it has also created unemployment by replacing the need for ‘hands’. It beats the man on accuracy and precision and wins the battle of stamina by far. Memory is also one of the greatest virtues of computers. It is the one thing that diminishes in a man with time. But memory continues to increase with betterment in technology. We have travelled from KBs to MBs to GBs in a matter of a few years and we carry millions of billions of storage units on the smallest of handheld devices. Even though life without computers is quite unimaginable, with some terming it as the stone age, the fact still stands that man is the creator of the computer and he shall be its true master always.

Here are a few jobs where even the mighty computer bows down to man;

  • Creativity- the nature’s gift to mankind -

When it comes to creativity, the computer is no match for the human mind. It was the relentless creativity of the human brain that brought about mind-boggling inventions, inventions that eventually led to man reaching the moon. Jobs that require creativity, improvisation, entrepreneurial skills and innovation will always be open to people. Enhancing creativity is one thing, something that you get with Photoshop and Illustrator, but possessing it is something totally different. Human beings possess creativity; they can make music, act, pretend, write and even paint at will, with exciting changes every single day.
  • Sports- an inbuilt characteristic of a human being -

Kids strive to stand when they can only crawl, they look to walk when they can only stand and they like to run when they can only walk. Such is the nature of the world’s most complex machine. The desire and attraction towards increased physical activity have always brought a thrill to a human and that is what separates us from computers. We simply love sports, no matter how many different forms it has taken today, but it always seems to bring people together under one roof. Nothing can replace the beauty of man’s participation in sports. Those moments of madness that change games, that slightest mistake that causes heartbreaks and those amazing imperfections in the greatest players is just something we relish and will continue to do so.
  • The healthcare industry and the surgical dexterity -

Technology has helped us make great leaps in health care and medicine alike. However, the world without human doctors still seems an impossibility. There are many medical labors which a computer, in any form, cannot perform. Robotic arms can help with precision but the decision making will always be in the hands of man.
  • Education and teachers- forever irreplaceable -

Once again a computer cannot ‘provide’ education; it can simply provide you the means of gaining limitless access to it. Teachers are not just presenters of knowledge; they are role models for students. Kids learn from them and make them ideals. It is the teachers who put content onto the online portals and web pages which people access so easily- a credit which is most often given to technology.

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From computers that required trucks for transportation to those which snugly fit on our palmtops; it really has been quite a journey. Most people, over twenty years of age, would have witnessed an absolute renaissance in technology through their lifetime. Not long ago, people would go out into parks, have fun with their families and spend quality time with their loved ones. All leisure times would be well spent talking and chatting with your household members. But, who would have thought, in a matter of a few years people would be giving way more time to their gadgets than their closest friends, that the only playing would be on smartphones or tablets and that, the only socializing would be on Facebook and Twitter?

Here’s a flashback of where we were in the 90s and where we are today.
  • The computer- one of the greatest personal devices -

Whatever gadgets we have in hand today are all brainchildren of the computer. The idea of giving a machine processing capabilities came from the computer. Today, the cell phones are mostly smart, but we have entered into an age where even the TV has been given some brains of its own- Smart TVs. The computer previously was home to a monitor which was the perfect cube with sharp edges- at least that is what Steve Jobs aimed for in his Nexus. Even the slowest smartphones have the 1 GB RAM today, as compared to just 64 MB of the 90s. And, not to mention the pointing device, it consisted of a ‘stick’ that would be maneuvered around its pivot to move the cursor on the screen. Today, we have the mouse, something that underwent its own evolution, from ball to optical sensing.
  • The phone- now portable, smart and entertaining -

The phone might have been invented in 1876 to connect people separated by geographical distances, giving them an instantaneous means of two-way communication. Now the device which we call the phone has much more to offer than just connectivity. It is mobile- we can carry it anywhere we want. It’s portable, it fits in our pockets and it’s full of utility and entertainment. calendar, calculator, the clock and now the world of internets all inside the phone. At first, the world was introduced to cordless phones with the antenna. Soon the antenna faded away and the aesthetics became better.
  • The incredible transformation of the World Wide Web -

Who would have though shared information from one location on earth to the other would be possible without physically carrying the message? Let alone pictures, videos and all other kinds of multimedia, just text alone was a major source of information for people to view on the internet. There were no websites back in the 90s, there were just web pages and the king of search engines was Yahoo! We all know now that today the term ‘search’ has been replaced by ‘Google’.
  • Tablets or planners? A complete revolution of concept -

Don’t even bother thinking what the tablet was before the mark of the twenty-first century, it was just a simple planner with pockets to put visiting cards in. They also contained pen holders. Today the tablet is more than just a planner of meetings and organizer of schedule. It is a complete PDA and an incredible multimedia device. It is the amalgamation of the PC and the cell phone, and possibly a successor to them.

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It can be a bit of an enigma trying to figure out what books suit you. We have asked readers and passionate bookworms about what would be the right choice of books for a more general audience. Time and time again, they have replied that it is up to the reader and the kind of person they are.

Finding the right book is like discovering who you are. What motivates you? What intrigues you? What gets under your skin? It’s a never ending journey that could take up a lifetime. But it is one worth taking.

This guide is meant for people who don’t usually read books, or still haven’t figured out what the right kinds of books are that would keep them busy. We may not be able to suggest you the exact book you should pick up and starting reading, but what we will do is give you some tips to work with to search for the right match.

• Pick Your Genre -
When starting out reading, see what the best genre is for you. Much of it depends on your personal taste. Are you looking for mystery, drama or information?
One of the best choices for a broader audience is fiction thrillers. Many of the best TV shows and movies are based on such books and for good reason. They have an interesting synopsis and are shaped to keep you in suspense and keep reading onwards even after finishing a chapter. Many books have seen an explosion in popularity based on this genre which is a proof of its appeal to a mass audience.

• Experiment -
Even after finding your favorite genre, experiment often. Try to read a few pages of the most unlikely books. We have met readers who like to spend time, mostly reading graphic novels, but were completely hooked the first time they read a book about world history. Try to, once in a while, picking up a book that you might think would not be interested in, or even bore you, and seeing whether or not you like it. Who knows, maybe you stumble upon something that genuinely clicks with you.
The best place to do this is at a library or a bookstore. In these places, you can just take your time and scan through the first few chapters of the book and see if it interests you. Pick whatever you can whenever you can, it can even read a column on the back of the newspaper.

• Read Short Stories -
One of the biggest hindrances for most people towards reading is time or lack thereof. Some people simply don’t have the luxury of being able to stop and read for a while. That is why short stories may be perfect for them.

Short stories are solely written to be only a few chapters long and bundle the entire content package of a thick novel into a bite-sized read. 

You may think short stories are for children, but perhaps it is the complete opposite. Many famous authors started out as short story writers and have paid the same amount of love and care into crafting them as they have to do the books that are a few hundred pages long. There are even some famous books that were made into a full form that was inspired by short stories. The point is, short stories are not just dumbed down versions of the novel, and they are equal as intricate and detailed.

• Commit to Finishing a Book -
Once you have started reading a book that you picked, make a solemn promise to yourself to finish it. There are far too many people who abandon books that they have started reading, based on one of the many countless excuses.

Prevent yourself from leaving a book unfinished. You will never find out how the story develops. The real meat of the story lies somewhere between the middle chapters. So you need to carry onwards and reach the point where the story picks up the pace and gets interesting. Once there, keep going and make it a point to reaching the epilogue.

There is nothing worse for a reader to hear than listening to someone say they lost track of the book. You need to finish the book as a tradition in book reading; otherwise, you will never know what the book entails or what it’s really about.

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The author is Ashley Albert, who has a degree in English literature and passionately writes for essay writing service.  She is a proud owner of more than a thousand books that he keeps in his personal study-room which is her mini-library. You can also follow her on different social networks like Facebook, G+, and Twitter.