TravelKhana provides a platform of food delivery in train for India wide rail passengers. TravelKhana connects passengers of Indian Railways to several restaurants situated near the Indian rail network.

It provides a variety of choice to travellers in terms of cuisines and different prices. The automated platform of TravelKhana tracks trains across India in real time. This is to make sure that passengers get meals of their choice fresh and piping hot, in time.

Vendors and restaurants get additional business through this system. Also, it completes an entire circle from point of ordering to delivery and to customer feedback.

TravelKhana operates through call centre interface - 8800313131, web interface –, and mobile app interface – You can save more on your food order through web interface or via mobile app. was founded by Pushpinder Singh, a technocrat. It was launched in Delhi with a capital of Rs 50 lakh, invested by founders and promoters. The idea was incubated in CDAC, NOIDA.

In the period – November to December 2011, the company did some regional testing and launched a fully fledged ordering platform only from January 2012. Today, the company operates on a margin of 10-20% of amount ordered, but this is likely to be enhanced to 15-25% as volumes grow and there is more business to vendors.

Logistics of food delivery is the responsibility of vendors. But TravelKhana tracks trains and ensures that meals are delivered efficiently and on time. TravelKhana started operations at 5 stations: Kota, Ajmer, Jaipur, Gwalior and Bhopal. Passengers passing through these stations could order meals of their choice. TravelKhana is currently serving 6000 trains across 500 cities. Indian Railways see 6 billion passengers travelling by the network on an annual basis. Premium travellers account for 10% of this market, which is their directly targeted market. TravelKhana has tied up with over 200 restaurants near the Indian rail network. The rail budgets of the government have announced that such services for passengers will be promoted India wide.

Pushpinder Singh, the Founder and CEO of TravelKhana, has a B-tech degree from BHU and masters in computer science from BITS Pilani. He has over 15 years experience in the software industry. The founders of have a passion for travel. They realized that there are very less options of food for tourists and travellers. This is especially true for passengers of Indian Railways and there is a big gap between demand and supply. Being a frequent train traveller, Pushpinder Singh understood this anomaly and the idea for was born. The founders invested around Rs 20 lakh in addition to revenues accrued from services. Promoters committed an additional Rs 30 lakh to the venture.

While starting up, the company faced many obstacles like training vendors, logistics and operation management and opposition from existing and established players. TravelKhana’s aim is to let travellers enjoy their train journey with choice of food in train to them fresh and hot.
Indian Railways was introduced during the colonial era by the British for moving troops and goods from one location to the other. The first train is said to have run between Bombay (presently called Mumbai) and Thane. Since then Indian railway network slowly spread through the length and breadth of the country. After independence, the railways gained significant prominence both as a transporter of heavy goods and items for manufacturing units, finished goods to the end market spread across the country. Apart from this, it also has been boasting of carrying passengers in millions on a daily basis either to their destination of workplace, for business or for leisure travel. Going through TravelKhana “SpotUrTrain” utility, It can help the individual to know more about running train status.

  • Local and Long Distance Trains -

The other important aspect that was kept in mind when implementing and expanding facilities for the general public is the introduction of local and long distance trains. Since the country is a big one on all the sides and with people slowly realizing the need to shift their base for the purpose of carrying out business or looking for job, there was a requirement to travel. This had prompted the Indian railways to expand its base slowly and steadily. With each passing day, saw the introduction of new tracks and lines so that trains can run from source to destination and be connected without any hassle. The local trains or the EMUs run between several stations and terminate at an important city on the end so that the local people of the region can avail the train to reach the city for performing their jobs on a regular basis. At the same time, the trains that travelled a long distance probably from one particular state or region to the other covering several states are called long distance trains.

Checking the SpotUrTrain utility by TravelKhana can give the individual a wonderful idea about train running status and to plan his booking accordingly. While the local trains have basic seating amenities, the long distance ones have sleeper facilities, air conditioned coaches and also have pantry within to help passengers to enjoy their journey that might entail a day or two, depending upon source and destination.

  • Safety Aspects -

The reason why Indian railways are the most preferred mode of travel among people of all ages and throughout the region is its safety. When compared to other modes of transport, it does have a good track record of helping passengers to reach their destination in style and without any hassle. With the Indian railway board doing everything to expand its existing network to improve infrastructure both inside the stations as well as the trains, travelers are surely in for a surprise to get a ride in their choice of trains that is not only smooth, but also relaxed and gives them great pleasure. Using the trains indeed a wonderful way to reach new places, connect with relatives and friends staying at other parts of the country and help business to grow in leaps and bounds.
Learn how technology has become an integral and a vital part to be inculcated in education and how beneficial it has proven to be.

If you are like most of the parents and still concerned about the fact that your teen spends most of their time sitting in front of the laptop and researching something on the tablet, then let us be clear to you that you’re teen is learning those skills that might be vital and significant to their future. Yes, it is absolutely true, setting up a career and a professional life does not completely depend on the type of education you received, or the degree you have, it also depends on the skills as well as the amount of knowledge you deliver in terms of technology and new such innovations.

So the next time you see your teen glued to technological gadgets, make sure that they are doing this for their own benefits and advantages as the future is not that far away. But the important questions remain that what sort of technological skills and abilities they should be acquainted of in order to brighten up their future.

Does your teen need to spend countless hours receiving and checking mails, wasting time on the social media or playing games, or should they be investing their time in familiarizing with such skills that have a future ahead and are quite useful and practical? In the world of academics and professional life, there are a few skills that need to be highlighted as such abilities can assist the students to prosper, thrive and do well in terms of their career objectives. Let us discuss the various technological skills that students need to put their attention to, as used by the parents and the teachers as well.

  • Word Procession -

Students should be well acquainted with the software’s present on the laptops and computers that can enhance their knowledge as they can easily and conveniently convey their messages as well as draft their documents with the help of such processors. Students can easily manage their assignments and do well if they are making projects or coursework.
  • Power Point -

Presentations are an essential component and feature of the high school. Apart from that, presentations are significant as they are important during the job interviews as well as used in practical business life as well. So students can easily enhance their presentation and argumentative skills using this feature; this is an example of visual aid and it can benefit the students at large.
  • Typing -

If your teen is well informed about the typing speed and excels in this then you do not have anything to worry about. With enhanced and augmented typing skills, your teen can easily write and compose essays, articles and important documents for educational use. Having high speed will also help the students in resume writing, which can be of great help for career development.
  • Internet and Its Correct Uses -

If your teen is aware of how to use and apply internet for their benefits, then they might be on top of the world. Internet has a lot to offer, from various knowledgeable websites with articles, help is totally available free of cost. So if you know how to use the search engines, you can easily ace your articles and assignments by taking help from it and using the information with correct and accurate sources.

Author Bio: Jenny finch is an efficient and a proficient giver at Her work is widely appreciated and acknowledged. Her talents and skills are recognized and are considered capable of performing acts. She received Master’s education from a highlighted education and is involved in counseling the students from her level of understandings. Moreover, her work is available online, that too free of cost and is knowledgeable in nature.
Mac machines are fast and easy to handle, but in this digital time their hard drives space fill quickly with multiple files. Additionally, due to Internet, there are many other extra applications and junk files also available, which install on your Mac even without your knowledge and grab the spaces. All of these activities ultimately affect the speed of your Mac and make it slow. In order to speed up Mac, disk cleaning should be the first action; freeing spaces on the hard drive would automatically increase its speed. You just need to find out those large files, which are no longer needed and can be deleted or removed from the hard disk. By performing disc clean up activity regularly, you can easily enhance performance of your Mac system.

If system is suffering from low hard disk space, hanging up & regularly freezing issues, then cleanup process would be a very simple, yet powerful method for maintaining its original speed. To initiate the cleanup process you can try the below mentioned clean up ways to free disk space. This will allow you to restore the original performance and capabilities of your Mac like the time when you brought it from the store.

  • Clean Your Desktop -

Most users have the habit to store every downloaded file or image to save in desktop, so that it would be easy for them to access it any time. With time when the desktop items increase; the system takes time to load them after booting up. Therefore, you must remove them first and try to put minimum apps and file on your desktop in future, so that the loading time of Mac can be decreased.
  • Compress or Shift the Old Data -

In case there are some old large files stored on your Mac hard drive, which you do not want to remove. Then it is better to compress such files & folders or move them onto another external hard drive. Usually compression is a better way as you can always extract these files whenever you need them in future instantly.

  • Remove Unnecessary Disk Images -

Usually people download multiple files and applications, but never think to clean Downloads folder. Actually Downloads folder stores all the downloaded stuff and it is obvious that Downloads folder capture a good amount of space on the hard drive. To clean them, go to Downloads folder and type disk image in the search box. Under the Kinds header choose Disk Image and remove all the downloaded DMG files, which are taking up the space.
  • Cleanup the Widgets -

Widgets are nice and latest applications, which keep us to in touch with the real time information on your dashboard. However, if you have multiple widgets installed on your system, which are not required, but taking too much space, then the possibility of slow mac increases a lot. Therefore, it is always better to remove useless Widgets and try not to install too many widgets on your Mac machine.

  • Empty the Mail Downloads -

Usually your system-configured mail gets multiple attachments via email such as PDFs, ePub ebooks, Word documents, images, etc. Usually people store them on their desktop or the download folder. However, do you know, if you double click on these Downloads folder then they are store into the Mail Downloads folder, which is hidden in your Library file. With the passage of time, this folder also increases in size and capture the space. Therefore, try to empty this folder regularly.
  • Keep a Clean Cache -

This is the most common way to remove useless files from your Web browser and make Mac machine more fast and efficient. Mac machine stores all the information related to the browser in the cache files to allow quicker access to the data. But, at times, it fetches the old information from the cache instead of the latest one. Therefore, it is always better to remove the cache to get fresh information. In order to do that, you can manually remove the cache and also use a professional tool, which can remove your cache directory with other maintenance tasks; like remove the cookies, looking for corrupted preference files, rebuilding certain databases, etc. and make more empty space in your hard drive.

  • Purge Unwanted Apps -

Mac offers multiple applications to its users and they regularly install & try them and delete the unwanted ones. In order to delete these apps you just need to drag and drop them to the Trash from the applications folder. However, some apps do create their folders outside the Applications, and it becomes difficult to find these locations on the drive. Due to which these unwanted apps keep in the Mac drive and eat the space ever after uninstallation. To resolve this issue you have two options, one is to manually search the locations of these apps and remove them, and the other is to install a professional app, which runs on the background and can help you to remove all such apps easily.

Hope the above mentioned tips will surely help you to overcome the slow speed of your Mac machine. You can either use manual way to resolve the issues or try third party utilities to manage & organized the unwanted files that slow it down.

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Donald Kepler loves to travel. He writes useful tips & tricks to speed up & optimizeMac OS X by drive defragmentation, drive cloning and imaging methods.
The current generation is the first generation to be associated with the best form of globalization; technology. Teenagers, young kids and students of all ages are exposed to the best form of scientific development, which is ready to benefit them thoroughly.  Technology is a vast concept; it inculcates many new factions and many new improvements that are on the verge of profiting the crowd. Although, some people consider it as a negative promotion, but there are others that are technology enthusiasts and cannot visualize their lives without this improvement. It has incorporated every aspect of our lives, allowed us to be a part of it; it has not only entangled us within itself, but also has become a part of our daily activities as well.

Technology Used as a Pathfinder for Students

Not only accepted by students, but all over the world, technology is a basic part of business activities, office work, money transactions and house chores also. Last but not the least, students who are more open to novel ideas, have recognized technology as an essential part of their education learning program. Let us observe how the means of attaining education have been altered and transformed with the advent of technology and how it will keep on transforming with the further changes in technological concepts.

Online World -
Cyber world, in other words, has contributed to a great extent in the process of education. Students of all ages are given access to free computers and laptops in their education centers and are certified to browse multiple websites for education purposes. Through the internet, students of young age widen their mind by acquainting them with the best form of educational material. Educational websites and educational discussion forums are one of the ways to discuss about various topics and issues.
Online Papers -
Not only students of young age, but college and university going students are also allowed free, sometimes paid access to the best online material. By reviewing these papers which are known as scholarly journals or research papers, students can expand knowledge of their subjects and can take frequent help from written articles which are by the best authors and writers. This allows free interaction between young grads and intellectuals available online.

Television -
Those big black boxes are not there for entertainment only, but also considered as the best source of education too. Different channels on the television allow maximum interaction as knowledge is transferred to the younger lot. There are countless variety for newborns as well as for young school going children, other than that, medical professionals can take advantage as different health channels have been launched which discuss various issues and also suggest solutions as well.

Apps -

Last but not the least, different applications available on cell phones as well as tablets/pads have given another way for educational utilization. These applications are mostly free and sometimes paid, but are informational in nature. These apps include various subheadings such as general science, current affairs, technology, history and geography; hence children of all ages can benefit from these applications since tablets and cell phones are accessible to all.

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The author, Katherine William is a prolific writer at He began his career after receiving his Master’s degree in the field of Informational Technology and later on in Computer Sciences. His skills include exceptional writing and presentation abilities.